[Update] Even more screens, videos and info in the U64 archive!


In the last 4 months we have added some screens, videos or info in these Unseen Archives: Armed (Aftermath) [PSX/Saturn – Cancelled], Cipher Complex [X360/PS3 – Cancelled?], Big Guns (Exodus) [PSX – Cancelled], Super Mario Galaxy [Wii – Beta], Project Dream / Banjo Kazooie [N64 – Proto / Beta], Pokémon Ruby, Super Mario Sunshine [GC – Beta], Nomen Quest / Aidyn Chronicles [N64 – Tech Demo / Beta], Super Mario World [SNES – Beta], Sonic The Hedgehog [MD/G – Beta / Concept], Panzer Dragoon Saga [Saturn – Beta], Mario’s Face [DS – Tech Demo], Dark Cloud [PS2 – Beta], Dragon Quest 9 (IX) [DS – Beta], Resident Evil 1 [PSX – Beta / Concept], Super Smash Bros Brawl [Wii – Beta], Beyond Oasis / Story of Thor [MD/G – Beta], Metal Gear Solid [PSX – Beta / Tech Demo], Luigi’s Mansion [GC – Beta], Dead Rising [XBOX 360 – Beta], ClayFighter Extreme (63 1/3) [N64 – Tech Demo], Earthworm Jim 3D [N64/PC – Beta], Wave Race [GC – Space World 2000 Tech Demo], Metal Gear Solid 2 [PS2 – Beta / Concept], Day of the Tentacle [PC – Beta], Earthworm Jim [PSP – Cancelled], Quake [PC – Beta / Proto], Silent Hill [PSX – Beta], Sabreman Stampede [XBOX / X 360 – Cancelled], Hardcore [Mega Drive / Genesis & Mega CD – Cancelled], Dead Rising [XBOX 360 – Beta], Spyral Saga [PSX – Cancelled], Splinter Cell [Beta], Final Fantasy 9 [Beta / Concept], Mumu Boukenki Amusing Dream [SNES – Cancelled], Sonic Adventure [Beta], Ecco The Dolphin [Saturn – Concept], Mother 3 / Earthbound 64 [N64 – Cancelled], D2 [M2 – Cancelled], Resident Evil 5 [X360/PS3 – Beta], Mission Impossible [SNES MD GEN – Cancelled], VX Vampire XDV-7 [N64 – Tech Demo], Dead Unity [PSX – Cancelled], Silent Chaos [PSX – Cancelled], Resident Evil Zero 0 [GC – Beta], Titan A.E. [PSX PC – Cancelled], ClayFighter [SNES – Beta], Fallout 3: Van Buren [PC – Cancelled], Silent Hill 2 [PS2 – Beta], K Project (REZ) [Dreamcast – Beta / Prototype], Left 4 Dead [X360 PC – Beta], DNAction: The New Breed [SNES GEN MD – Cancelled], Bounty Arms [PSX – Unreleased], Sonic The Hedgehog [MD/G – Beta / Concept], Tarantula [PSX Saturn PC – Cancelled], Shining Sword [PSX – Cancelled], Dreadnought (HMS Carnage) [PC PSX Saturn – Cancelled], Donkey Kong 64 [N64 – Beta], Donkey Kong Country 2 [SNES – Beta], Earthworm Jim 2 [MD GEN SNES – Beta], Mission Impossible [N64 – Beta / Tech Demo], Little Big Planet [PS3 – Prototype], Kirby’s Adventure [NES – Beta / Unused], STORM [PSX Saturn – Cancelled], Zoiks! (Pandemonium) [PC – Cancelled], SaGa Frontier [PSX – Beta / Concepts], X [N64 F-Zero – Beta], GTA: San Andreas [PS2 – Beta], The Contract [PSX – Cancelled], Resident Evil 5 Beta Analysis, California Raisins [NES – Cancelled], Allegiance [PSX/SAT/3DO – Cancelled], Yoshi’s Story [GBA – Tech Demo], Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories [GBA – Beta], Castlevania: Dawn Of Sorrow [DS – Beta], Resistance 2 [PS3 – Beta], StarFox Armada / Assault [GC – Proto / Beta], Sound Fantasy [SNES – Unreleased], Metroid Prime 2: Echoes [GameCube – Beta], Violent Seed [PSX – Cancelled], Mario Kart [Wii – Beta/Unused Stuff], Glover 2 [N64/PSX – Cancelled], Heavy Rain [PS3 – Beta], Little Big Planet [PS3 – Beta / Prototype], Cyber Thug [PSX – Cancelled], Escaper [PSX – Cancelled], Pokemon SNAP [N64 – Beta], The Conduit [Wii – Tech Demo / Beta], Goldeneye 007 [N64 – Beta], Call of Cthulhu Trilogy [XBOX – Cancelled] and many more!

Remember: you can add info, images or videos to all the games in the U64 Archive thanks to the wiki-alike system! 

U64 is YOUR site: edit pages and add more games, like in Wikipedia (almost)

From many years we are collecting info, screens and video in the Unseen 64 archive, to try to preserve the changes and the cuts in our loved videogames. A lot of contributors help us everyday, sending more info, more screens and more videos to add to the U64 archive. We are happy, really happy, but we dont have enough time for all this stuff! Should we just close the site? Should we wait for months before a new update?

So, here’s an idea. From today, if you want to edit a page or to add a new game in the Unseen 64 archive.. you’ll be able to do it by yourself! In this way it should be faster for everyone, and your contributions will be added to the site in a few days, instead than to wait for 3 or 4 months before monokoma can have enough free time to organize them.

This new feature should work a bit like Wikipedia.

1) If you want to create a page for a new beta / cancelled game that is still missing from the U64 Archive, go to www.unseen64.net/contribute-to-u64 and write your new article in there, with HTML codes for the images and youtube videos.

2) If you want to edit an existing page, under every post you will find a blue “Edit” link:

From there, you should be able to add more text, new images (not directly in the Images Gallery for now) or Youtube videos, writing / pasting them in the HTML field.

Keep in mind that every new page and edit will be reviewed by the U64 Staff before being published! So don’t worry, you will not find Zelda-Yaoi-Porn in the beta-galleries (maybe).

This new Wiki-Alike feature is still in early testing, so let us know what you think about it! There are some bugs, but we’ll work to fix them with your help :)

Thanks for all your support! 

[New Staffer] Franklint joins the U64 Staff!


The U64 army is still growing and more beta-lovers would like to share their time and will to improve this little archive of games that we’ll never be able to play.  You know, with more people in the U64 Staff, it’s possible to preserve more unseen games.. or at least trying to. Today we are happy to welcome Franklint in the U64 Staff! He already helped us a lot with his articles for beta Banjo Tooie, Spyral Saga, Spinny and Spike, Savage Heroes and many more..  now he’s officially one of us :) Good luck Franklint! 

[Update] Many more screens, videos and info in the U64 archive


In the last couple 4 months we have added some screens, videos or info in these Unseen Archives: Yoshi’s Story, Zelda Twilight Princess, Uncharted, I:8 Resistance, Fable 2, Gears of War, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Kart R 64, Half Life 2, Rayman Raving Rabbids, Rayman, Metroid Zero Mission, Zelda 64 Beta Items, Zelda Ocarina of Time, Apocalypse, Resident Evil 2, Final Fantasy 7, Wario Land 4, Crash Bandicoot, Resident Evil, Doom 3, Dragon Sword 64, Water World, Unreal PSX, Moonlight Fables, Perfect Dark Zero, Dream / Banjo Kazooie, GoldenEye 007, Soul Reaver, Yoshi’s Island 2, K Project REZ, Ghost Rider, Bio Force Ape, Vectorman PS2, Comanche SNES, Fallout 3 Van Buren, Ambrosia Odyssey, Mega Man Legends 2, Halo 2, Halo Titan MMORPG, Project Enwor, Freelancer 2, Speed Tribes, Loose Cannon, The Unseen, Maximo 3, Super Princess Peach, Driver, Storm, Anathor, Deathtrap Dungeon, Xenosaga, Mortal Kombat 4, Alone, The Legend of Zelda NES, Egghead 64, MK VS DC Universe, Warcraft Adventures, Prowler, Cyber Clash, Dyno Blaze, Stip, 4×4 Off Roaders, Divided City, Cell Damage 2, Fear Effect Inferno, Mario 64 DS, Prince of Persia Prodigy, Pokemon Red – Blue and Armed