Do you love to write about videogames? Unseen64 needs your help!

Do you love to write about videogames? Unseen64 needs your help!

volunteer writers for videogames

Note: this offer is ALWAYS valid, we keep searching for new people every month, every year, even NOW when you are reading this post!

There are some big projects coming up on Unseen64, so we really need to expand our staff for more help (currently, there are only a few people in the main staff). We are searching for new volunteer editors who are interested in writing and proofreading articles for this website.

We are searching for someone that is English native speaker (or that could write in English very well), who likes to write about video games (please, keep in mind: there will be A LOT to write, you cannot simply copy / paste info from Wikipedia) and who is capable of and passionate about digging up obscure info. He or she should be able to write at least 1 new article every 2 weeks or to proofread at least 1 article per week. Volunteer authors and editors will proofread and expand some of the descriptions for cancelled games that we already have in the Unseen64 archive and write new articles to remember even more lost titles. Are you interested?

Send us an email to [email protected] for more info!

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16 thoughts on “Do you love to write about videogames? Unseen64 needs your help!

    1. monokoma

      Sure, always available at least untill 2016 when the book should be out if everything goes well :) Send us an email and i’ll give you more info

  1. X

    Sorry to be that guy, but you probably shouldn’t bold “hiring” if you’re only paying with the book. You had me excited for a moment though. ;(

    1. monokoma

      Ops, it’s probably one of those “lost in translation” situations, as i wrote the post and in italian i did not think that “to hire” would imply a payment :O

  2. Jer

    I would be totally interested in helping the preservation of cancelled and beta games/concepts. I would like to share my knowledge of cancelled and forgotten games. I hope there’s still space left.

  3. Joan Arévalo

    I am an English-Spanish/Spanish-English translator and I’d like to know if you are planning to introduce articles in Spanish (and other languages too) in the future. If that’s the case, I’d love to help! Even if it’s a non-profit site, I’d do it because I love video games and helping people.
    I think that the more people around the world that can follow your content, the better!

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