Unseen64 Staff

We are a collective of gamers from all around the world, in our limited free time we do the best we can to remember these lost games. Unseen64 was created in 2001 by a group of italian friends, the archive grown more and more over the years, it was initially translated in english by the main italian staff to let more people to enjoy and understand these articles, then people from other countries joined the Unseen64 Staff and we became a worldwide group of nerds that love games that we’ll never play. Here you can find the current Unseen64 Main Staff and some of the people that were writing with us in the past. Remember, you can help too! :)

[Main Staff]

monokoma: caporedattore e fondatore di Unseen64 nel 2001, impiega il suo (poco) tempo libero nella ricerca di screenshot, video e contatti con gli sviluppatori che hanno lavorato su giochi cancellati. Dopo aver raccolto per anni troppi GB di file su giochi beta, un giorno ha capito che sarebbe stato meglio aprire un archivio online per catalogare tutto quel materiale importante. Mente dinamica, con troppi interessi e cose da fare, purtroppo mai abbastanza tempo per riuscire a fare tutto. Con un lavoro che lo tiene occupato in cose meno interessanti dei videogiochi cancellati, si impegna come può per riuscire a sviluppare nel migliore dei modi questo nostro sito nei ritagli di tempo, organizzando gli altri membri del gruppo e i materiali necessari.

[Current Support Editors and Proofreaders]

  • Todd_the_Toad : writing new articles and researching lost games
  • IGOR: writing new articles and researching lost games

[Tech Support]

MAIcrosoft: Yeah, I, me, MAIcrosoft, also known as just plain MAI, is webmaster of this place, deletes all spam and all boring admin tasks you know :3 Some people might know me from various bemani communities. I wont be writing much here, but you’ll see me popping up sometimes though <: I love fan mail so if you have something to say about me drop me a line O:

  • Personal Email: maicrosoft[at_fuckin_nospam]unseen64.net

[Former Staff / Ex-Contributors]

Ahmed: proofreading for the Unseen64 book

thecursebearer: writing new articles and researching lost games

Alex Cutler: writing new articles and researching lost games

Thane Langdon: writing new articles and researching lost games

Finley Gomez: helping fixing broken images, videos and adding new ones to the archive

Alex (Brub): writing new articles and researching lost games

Niko: writing new articles and researching lost games

Cyborgpluviophile: proofreading of articles


Pantalytron: helping fixing broken links, images, videos and adding new ones to the archive



Jump/Error: I’m Pedro, also known as Jump/Error and I’m a Portuguese collector and gamer that loves researching about the history of videogames, especially the lost and obscure titles. I am currently working on music and sound design specializing in videogames and through my work I’ve had the opportunity to meet some developers that never had their great work properly shown to the world, so I decided to help by creating a blog in Portuguese to help spread this information around my country, but also translate everything and post it on unseen64, so that these projects can finally reach the world.

Fels: Olá! :) I’m Fels, an Art student and videogame collector from Brasil that spends most of his time playing old games on his CRT with a cat on his lap. I grew up in the 16-bit console era, so sprite-based games have a special place in my heart and a deep influence on my work. I’m constantly taking pictures for Instagram and writing about every game I manage to play in my life. I also have a particular interest in vaporware and beta stuff.

Lesur: I am not a journalist nor a professional writer, very non-technical, just curious by nature. I know that 10011 11 00101 0011 must mean something but can only hope that I didn’t insult you with it. My website is down, can hardly format a floppy disk, my middle name is syntax error and these words are written on my trusty eight year old Macbook. Still in love with my old grey girlfriend even though she’s getting older now : the Amiga. She owned me, she rocked me. Love to loose myself in a good RPG as long as the story is convincing, the graphics don’t give me a headache and its system is solid. As for UNSEeN64 I hope to entertain you, surprise you from time to time and truly hope to avoid stupid mistakes, false conclusions or dumb remarks. I hereby promise to discover that deeply hidden Ftp server filled with cancelled, unreleased but fully playable games where everybody is searching for. And yes, I will reveal that magical place to you. Here. At UNSEeN64. Peace!

Liam Robertson: Hello randomer, I’m Liam. Writer and researcher. I help discover lost and unseen games. I also create videos for the site over on YouTube. The reason I joined is simply because, I love this site. It’s a great archive of those lost games and serves as one unmatched place for finding media on beta games. My love for beta games spawned around the Gamecube era. I remembered seeing all these games set to come out for it that never saw the light, so I started researching them and that led to hunting down countless amounts of them and giving me the unofficial rank of ‘beta nerd’. So if you’ve any questions, be sure not to shy of asking me them. Enjoy the website, Liam.

Ryan DePalma: I’m an average gamer, stuck in college, studying to (hopefully) become an editor for major gaming publications. Both writing and gaming have been my passions for as long as I can remember. I started out playing Pokémon Snap on the N64 when I was younger, moving onto FPS’s and RPG’s in my ‘older’ years. However, nothing will ever compete with the amount of time I’ve sunk into the greatest series of all time: Monster Hunter! Seriously, all of those games are amazing. It’s like Shadow of the Colossus had a baby with Dark Souls. Every fight is a boss fight with awesome weapons, so go pick up whatever the newest iteration is and give it a shot! I’m also a sucker for the Halo series, but let’s be real, it went downhill after Halo Reach. When it comes to unreleased games, I probably know less than you. In fact, I hardly knew about any of these games before I started working with Unseen64. But after editing a bunch of articles, I can safely say that there are many treasures that will sadly never see the light of day.

Andy: Remember that scene in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark where they open the Ark of the Covenant and ghosts come out to melt everyone’s face off? Well picture that, only instead of gratuitous facial liquidation, we instead uncover interesting game concepts that never got to see the light of day. When I’m not referencing old action movies, I can be found moonlighting as a freelancer at your friendly neighbourhood games websites.

kungfuweapon: Born in the eighties, life has taken me to different countries but  passion for videogames has been a constant. My first memories  playing the original 1986 OutRun arcade and barely reaching the  cabinet pedals are still fresh on my mind. After some time and many  quarters spent, I managed to get an Atari ST computer with a bunch  of diskettes containing classics such as Gauntlet, Afterburner, Double  Dragon… and yes, OutRun! Finally! Most of those were terrible ports  that bore little resemblance to the originals but that did not stop me  from truly enjoying them.  Consoles and particularly the NES were all the rage in my childhood  and pretty much all the kids in school had one. Super Mario, Ninja  Turtles, Zelda… At this point I would also discover another of my  passions: learning languages. Games were getting more complex  and some demanded a basic understanding of English; teachers  were delighted that I showed so much enthusiasm but probably got  kind of annoyed at my constant requests for translations!  In my internetless adolescence, VHS tapes included with gaming  magazines were the only way to get footage of upcoming hits and it  was then that I developed curiosity for unreleased titles. I remember  watching beta videos of Banjo-Kazooie or specifically of Conker 64.  When Rare ditched Conker’s childish look in favour of the politically  incorrect Bad Fur Day it was such a shock! Although I really liked the  final game, I wish I could have played the prototype too.  Many consoles and computers later and certainly with much less  free time, I still check out some of the latest releases while  occasionally revisiting – or discovering – the classics. It is very  satisfying to combine the old and the new and hope to continue  enjoying this hobby for many years!

Tristan Avery: NJ based freelance writer and lifelong video game, comic, and movie fan. Please don’t make fun of me for having an AOL account as my primary email

Yota: Collaboratore post-filosofico per la ricerca di foto beta ed informazioni, anche se spesso vanno tutte perdute perchè si diverte a formattare il suo PC almeno una volta la settimana. La sua missione è quella di riuscire a completare le introduzione dei giochi, cosi da lanciarsi poi nello sfogo psicopatico di qualche articolo scirtto in inglese-siciliano. Sicuramente uno tra i maggiori appassionati di giochi beta in Italia e la sua conoscenza storica dei videogame è essenziale per l’aggiornamento di Unseen 64. Ha avuto il coraggio di tradurre in inglese diversi articoli scritti in italiano da monokoma quando aveva 17 anni. Fonti che hanno preferito rimanere segrete ci hanno rivelato che un inglese non riuscirà mai a capire le traduzioni di Yota. Ne siamo fieri.

Blek: dobbiamo ammetterlo, Unseen 64 aveva davvero bisogno di un appassionato SEGA, per avere una minima possibilità di completare questo enorme archivio! Prima che lui arrivasse le sezioni SEGA erano lasciate abbandonate e trascurate, un vero insulto per tutti quei giochi beta che meritavano più attenzione. Da redattore modello ha già cominciato a scrivere diverse introduzioni e per il futuro sembra avere in mente alcuni articoli sull’amata SEGA ovviamente. L’inizio promette bene, è uno scrittore serio ed impegnato, ma sopravvivere nella pazza crew di U64 non è cosa da tutti! riuscirà a resistere in questo gruppo di folli fanatici? Scapperà lontano quando si accorgerà che Bakke è uno pseudo capo redattore maniaco e nintendaro? Si arriverà alla rivolta civile interna in vecchio stile Nintendo VS Sega? lo sapremo nelle prossime puntate!

LazyFace: I have been wanting to write about games in any form for a long time, and I have been a big fan of this website and what all the editors do here for a long time. Writing about cancelled and beta games is a ridiculous amount of fun, the amount you learn not just about the games but the industry is just amazing. I am an avid gamer and especially love JRPGs, with the Final Fantasy series being my obsession. If you have any questions or want to give me any information on cancelled/beta games or just want to talk about games in general please send me an email.

FullMetalMC: is the reason Unseen exists without him there would be no Unseen and the world would be full of epic fail. All kidding aside I am one of the biggest contributors and have posted a big fraction of the pictures and information. My interest began when I was reading the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time article from Wikipedia (most likely out of boredom). Back then when I read it the article had a section titled lost content (or something along those lines) and a picture of a big Triforce caught my attention. There I discovered the hacking group Zelda’s Secret Ocarina and fell in love with beta stuff. I admire hackers (Cen is one of the best IMO) and communities who specialize in hacking for lost game elements and I really wish these groups were bigger in number and size. Even though I really like what these people dig up I am much to lazy myself to hack and would rather donate some money to buy older builds of games but my lack of money stops me from doing so.

Refurs: Dear lovely reader. I’ve been visiting this website for quite some time now. After thinking about building my own “beta stuff” page I rather decided to join this strong team of beta addicted. Unseen64 provides a wide are of beta material from many different videogames. While my interest in cancelled or unreleased games started with the release of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest, it has developed into something deeper now. As a result, I see my main task in finding new screenshots and new material. Although I might not seek remains of beta versions in final versions of a game, I hope to do a great contribution to this website.

DCodes7: DCodes7 is the name, although users call me DCodes on the forum. I started playing games when the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) was released back when. I still play games till this day and currently own an Xbox 360. I love playing post apocalyptic and zombie apocalyptic games like Fallout 3, New Vegas, Left 4 Dead. I also love playing older, yet classic, titles like Perfect Dark (Xbox 360, N64) and Goldeneye (N64). As part of the Unseen staff, my job is to research games, and find differences using the promotional medium that promoted that game. I write these differences in the form of an analysis. While these analyses take a while to write – it’s well worth documenting all the known changes a game went through over the course its development. Like a gaming wasteland of discarded of idea’s we as a community must preserve these ideas… on Unseen64.net!

santo_reska: il primo redattore esterno che ha deciso spontaneamente di entrare a far parte della crew di Unseen64, grazie al suo indispensabile aiuto, riusciremo forse ad avere un sito più completo e professionale! la leggenda narrà che sia in possesso di una rara ed inestimabile VHS con video beta tratti dall’E3 1997, suo prezioso cimelio che mantiene in ottime condizioni con cura maniacale.. un altro vero appassionato di giochi unseen! al momento si sta dedicando nel compilare varie introduzioni per i giochi e forse alcuni articoli molto nonsense! riuscirà a resistere a tutto questo lavoro, oppure verrà influenzato dall’ozio generale?

Klay: uno dei maggiori drogati italiani per le beta di Zelda, le sue leggende sulle Beta Quest tramite GameShark e gli avvistamenti di codici segreti top secret su come sbloccare finali alternativi mai esistiti hanno contribuito ad aumentare la mania generale di tutto lo staff per questo genere di cose. Disperso per Bologna per cause universitarie è probabilmente l’elemento più instabile e più unseen del gruppo. Sparisce per mesi e poi torna bello come il sole. Ma hai mai scritto qualcosa per il sito? non si sa, però lo amiamo! Possiamo contare sul suo contributo per ogni podcast inerente a Zelda, con quella voce sexy e la destrezza di un vero gentlemen, saprà conquistare tutte le ascoltatrici femminili abbastanza nerd da resistere a qualche episodio.

Rosalex: no lui mica può far parte dello staff, non è mica nerd. O forse si? scanerizzò per primo diversi giornali con foto beta introvabili online, quando ancora mono non possedeva uno scanner. Solo per questo fa parte del sito. Ma anche per aver sopportato gli altri con le loro manie di beta per tutti questi anni. No aspettate! sono sicuro che ha scritto anche alcune introduzioni, durante i primi mesi di Unseen 64. La sua occupazione principale è sicuramente quella di lurker ufficiale per le nostre podcast, che si ascolta in diretta durante la registrazione, senza però mai partecipare direttamente alla discussione, se non con strani rumori e commenti sulla chat testuale. E’ abbastanza inquietante. Forse un giorno riusciremo a convincerlo ad unirsi attivamente nella discussione vocale.

Denten: being a teenager and a faithful gamer, i gained an interest in many different things, ranging from animation, the thing i love the most, playing and listening to music. but video gaming is also very important to me. I am a fan of many different video game properties and game series, including Sonic The Hedgehog, Mario, Spyro The Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, Earthworm Jim, Doom, halo and more. I am very interested in things like game development and such and its been pretty awesome so far. I remember quite clearly that my first game console was the N64. Ah yes the memories…I also have a curiosity for obscure classic games as well, including franchises that had shortlived claims to fame, such as Bubsy or those type of things, along with laughing my butt off at terrible games.. and i recently gained great interest in game betas, after reading all about the Sonic 2 Betas, so here i am as a Jr. Writer for the group.

NeX.exe: I am a young guy from Denmark, who plays videogames since the age of four. One day I found some comparisons images between the beta version of Mario Kart 64 and the final version: that was the beginning of my beta-passion. Since then, I started to search for beta-screenshots on the web, to save them all and make the biggest beta-archive ever. I joined Unseen 64 because of my huge interest in comparing differences in games: I love to analyze the alpha/beta images that were been forgotten.

Max: I’m a 13 year old Male who is addicted to games. I’ve been playing since I was about 3 or 4. It all Started when I got the Gameboy Color with Super Mario Bros Deluxe. Ever since then I’ve been a Major Gamer. I enjoy drawing, cartoons, music, and video games of course. I love reading about beta games, I love seeing how the games looked in development. Now that I’m part of the staff at U64, I can get into more detail!

gmprunner: Strong. Charismatic. Cool. Intelligent. Once hailed as the Lord of Gamedom by Nintendo Power (issue 51), gmprunner was the best there was. After achieving fame from his record-breaking play-through of Super Mario World in 14.89 seconds, gmprunner became the most well-known player in gaming. His lucrative career as the world’s first pro player took him around the globe as he competed in various tournaments. During this time, he set another record, this time for the most game tournaments played in, and won, in a 24-hour period: 8. From Japan to the States, he was a pop culture icon. He is one of only 3 people to appear to on the covers of Nintendo Power, Official XBox Magazine, and Official Playstation Magazine simultaneously. But all of his fame came crashing down on him on April 7th, 2005. It was the third round of the national Call of Duty 2 tournament, and his team, Pain Train, was in the lead when gmprunner (playing under the name Pwnasaurus) suffered a crippling case of carpal tunnel syndrome. In the blink of an eye, he was on the floor, wailing in pain (to the embarrassment of his teammates). As paramedics rushed to the scene, Pain Train won the round, but for gmprunner, it was game over. After six months of intense physical therapy, he regained control of his hand, but could never compete professionally again. Lacking a purpose in life, he receded into his home in California, where he now resides. He now shares his love of gaming through his writing on Unseen 64, the last outlet for his passion and the only thing to remind him of his once unbelievable life.

Xihix: Hello folks.  I am known by several names online, though my most common internet handle is Xihix.  I am a 14 year old male who resides in the U.S. state of Georgia.  I’ve been exposed to video games from a young age, as my older brothers were already playing them before I was born.  My favorite video game genres are RPGs and platformers, which may explain why my favorite video game of all time is Super Mario RPG.  Although I still love playing all video games, I still find myself going back to the classical games more often.  It may be for nostalgic reasons or because I just don’t find the appeal in the video games of today as I do to the games that were released even more than 20 years ago.  Whatever the reason may be, you can usually find me more interested in talking about games from the fifth generation and before.  If you are interested in games from those time periods as well, I hope you enjoy my articles!

Scintitillating: I am a 22 year old male living and working in Las Vegas, helping run the family business. I have lived in several different continents throughout my life, including the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and the US. I started gaming when I was around 6 years old, starting with an old hand-me-down Atari 2600 then working my way up to a Game Boy and then a Mega Drive/Genesis. I believe I would be a great addition to the U64 team because I am willing to learn what you guys have to teach about writing about games online, and how to research the circumstances regarding their ultimate fate. I have a fascination with games that were never released or betas that look quite different from the real game, as a I believe they provide a snapshot of that period in time of game design and the ways that games looked and felt in that era. In the case of games that were cancelled it like to speculate on what could have been had they been released, and what happened to all the code and effort that went into their production. Looking forward to being part of the team!

8PM: Hi,im 8PM here to help as much as I can! You see, my beta addiction first started when I was searching up super smash brothers melee characters (I was around 8). Anyways, I was lead to youtube where I saw a vid for melee which included a strange blue seal type enemy named Topi. I searched up the topi and it was soo different! Ever since then I’ve been searching up beta pic’s for every game I know, everytime I go on the computer and I just thought it would be great to join a group of people, a community that shares the same beta spark ignited within us all.

Deriks: I came from Brasil and i’ll try to be a good Unseen Researcher, to find more screens and videos from unseen games. My english its not very good, but i like to talk with other beta-fans and  I’ll do my best to help the site.. and you gamers should help too! I have discover U64 thanks to a video on YouTube and fell in love with the project.

NickNack: My name is Bryce but you can call ne NickNack, i’m a 14 year old guy who loves retro (early 90s games) and our generation of games. I play football (I’m starting center) and tennis. I love classic rock music and overclocked remix techno and maybe i’ll have a selection of my favorites. I attend my local High School and i take all advanced classes and i attend journalism. I have two years experiance of Editor-in-Cheif for my school newspaper and i’m hoping to become a game journalist for EGM (1up.com). Well i could go on for hours (just kidding) but thats a little about me.

Sba sb3002: is a New York nerd who stumbled into the world of video games at summer camp. There he met a friend named Mike who showed him Pokemon. Ever since then, SBA has been an avid video game nerd. Nine years later, he found U64 via Google, in an attempt for looking for Stage Debut pictures and videos. He quickly stuffed the site into his favorites and ever since then he’s been a mediocre piece to the Unseen 64 community. Monokoma promoted him as his favourite English teacher and so Sba became the first English Translator of the site, to correct all the errors of those stupid italian geeks! We can’t wait to read his first unseen-article as Senior Writer.

Stevesesy: Friendly, informal, and overall good guy, Steve is new but ready to do whatever it takes. He’s been around video games for most of his life and has a special place in his heart for protos, betas, and EarthBound. He does art and videos in his freetime and will take anyone on in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He doesn’t know any Italian but he sure does love spaghetti.

Take_It_Slow: Though not a great video game player, I am a man who can appreciate the finer side of character design, musical score, and controls. I just recently joined the U64 community, but I feel it is doing a great service to the public in educating them in the ways of beta games and showing them ideas of what could have been. I love analyzing the changes that happen to a game throughout the creation process and the pleasure that comes of learning of games that were made completely, but never released to the public for some reason or another. I hope to be able to find out information, translate Italian, and ultimately write articles. U64 seems like a great community, as well as an amazing archive of video games of the past and present.

CoinCollector: I’ve played video games most of my life, starting with the N64 and PlayStation. I have always enjoyed video game-related things aside from actually playing them; collecting them, speedrunning them, and researching their betas. My interest in beta games started when I saw some of the stuff that the guys over at The Rare Witch Project hacked out of one of my favorite games, Banjo-Kazooie. It intrigued me to see what the developers intended to do, but eventually ended up not adding in. From there, I found beta content from some of my other favorite games, and have since then been fascinated about the development process of games and seeing what they could’ve been like if things went differently.

Kreepman: Hello, My name is Nigel, but my alias is “Kreepman” and I come from Argentina. I am a full time film director, film editor, 3D Designer, and student. I started playing video games around 6 years of age when my mother got me a Nintendo 64 for my birthday. Some of my favorite games on that system include Starfox 64, Jetforce Gemini, and Diddy Kong Racing. My second system was a Playstation 2 with Grand Theft Auto III and that is when I really got into beta, alpha, canceled games. Because GTAIII had such a public beta (screen shots, videos, etc.), I was fasinated by how much a game can change during it’s development. Ever since then I have been looking online for beta/alpha screens of my favorite games!

Bakke: il filosofo videoludico della crew, elemento cardine essenziale per tutti noi. Abbiamo una sua foto sul comodino con le candele di fianco. Capace di pensieri come il famoso ” […] Ricercare la libertà significa fallire. Io continuo a sostenere che Zelda è il gioco più libero che esiste, ti danno delle regole e dei limiti. La vera libertà di Morrowind è quella morale, tu puoi fare quello che vuoi da questo punto di vista, ma non è libero. Zelda è il gioco più libero… il concetto di libertà in un videogioco è diverso da quello della realtà. […] ” Date le sue innate doti semantiche e grammaticali non poteva che diventare capo redattore ufficioso del gruppo, mettendosi al lavoro per introduzioni ed articoli. State attenti perchè comanda lui!

Ultraman82: col passare del tempo, nuovi amici si offrono di aiutarci con la costruzione del sito. Con l’arrivo di Ultraman, siamo riusciti a trovare un collaboratore di primissimo livello, che con la sua curiosità ed interesse per le beta, è già riuscito a fornirci informazioni molto preziose! Grande appassionato del Giappone, si impegna a giocare in versione originale nipponica, scoprendo in questo modo, l’enorme quantità di cambiamenti e censure, che subiscono molti games all’arrivo in occidente. E’ riuscito subito a conquistare la fiducia di monokoma, chiaccherando per ore di beta, misteri videoludici e giochi quasi sconosciuti. Da quel momento abbiamo cercato di convincerlo a collaborare con noi.. e ci siamo riusciti! Ultraman è stato fra i primi coraggiosi pionieri, riusciti ad ascoltatore la nostra Podcast fino alla fine, rendendosi ben conto del pericolo e della pazzia che si nasconde in mezzo a questo staff. Ancora non è scappato, quindi ci sono buone probabilità che sia altrattanto folle e geniale come il resto del gruppo! Le sue doti di ricerca, per informazioni online e prove dirette, sapranno dare una migliore precisione al nostro archivio, con approfondimenti e documentazioni importanti.

Thyoldpie: my name is Thyoldpie, you can call me John. I have been playing video games ever since I was about four, my first video game system was the playstation 1, when I was five my aunt gave me her nintendo entertainment system and i was hooked. When i was six I got a nintendo 64 and I found a sega genesis at a garage sale and bought a super nintendo system.  Now i have almost all the major consoles. One day about 6 or 7 months ago I stumbled upon monokoma’s youtube channel and I loved his videos, and from their on I was addicted to the site. Some of my favorite bands are my chemical romance, disturbed, acdc, the used,  atreyu, aerosmith and the foo fighters. Some of my favorite games are runescape, guitar hero 3, rock band, dead space, resident evil 4, mario galaxy, mario 64, mario 3, sonic 2 and mario kart wii.

shadowdorothy: When i was a kid I got a used nintendo system from a yard sale for about $10, and ever since I have been enamored with those little “lost” and elusive pieces of video game history. I even know some very hard to get information about how some of nintendo’s most popular games got their start.

GiantPooka: Well, what can I say? I like videogames, and I like writing stuff, so putting the two of them together seems like a good idea. I’ve been playing videogames since I can remember, since the days of the NES and the ZX Spectrum, but I try to specialise in weird stuff no-one else has ever heard of, and in particular, hardcore bullet hell shoot-em-ups and adventure games- bit of an odd mix when you think about it. The weird stuff is the real interest, though, maybe that’s why I’ve decided to help out here! Hopefully by helping out with finding stuff to scan and write about, I can help clear up some of the oddities of videogames!

Stere0: archivio vivente di una quantità enorme di vecchie riviste di videogame, grande risorsa per foto beta introvabili online. Certo ancora dobbiamo metterci a scannerizzarle tutte. Prima o poi? Amico di mono ormai da anni, Stere0 è stato intrappolato con l’inganno a far parte di Unseen64 ed è stato costretto a lavorare duramente per la realizzazione del nuovo archivio sulla base di WordPress! Le sue capacità innate di WebDesigner gli hanno permesso di sviluppare facilmente l’evoluzione estetica del sito, in modo che i visitatori siano meglio compiaciuti nella navigazione. Ad ogni evenienza Stere0 è in grado di risolvere gli eventuali problemi tecnici e salvare il team di Unseen 64 dai vari disastri digitali. Alla fine del suo lavoro finalmente possiamo davvero essere soddisfatti dell’organizzazione di U64: grazie a Stere0 il resto dello staff può perdere meno tempo con i vecchi sistemi in html statico, per dedicare maggior tempo nell’inserimento di contenuti di qualità. Se per caso vi esplode il PC mentre visitate Unseen64, date pure la colpa a lui.

ReNo: collaboratore saltuario di Unseen 64, ReNo è spesso impegnato a ricercare materiale per l’espansione del nostro archivio. Dopo essere riuscito a contattare mono scavalcando le sue difese comunicative, ha dimostrato la sua dedizione nella conservazione delle beta, con tonnellate di vecchie riviste videoludiche, recuperare con fatica in giro per il mondo. Il suo coraggio e la sua perseveranza gli permettono di non cedere ai fallimenti, ed anche dopo ore di giornali sfogliati senza traccia di materiale beta, torna all’attacco con il sorriso, per ogni nuova ed estenuante indagine. Quando possibile, ReNo supporta l’usuale gruppo di super nerd nelle discussioni della podcast, con la sua voce professionale e capacità di esposizione fuori dal comune.

LucaPM: Sono LucaPM e ho 14 anni.I miei hobby sono la programmazione,l’hacking e la ricerca delle beta.Il mio compito principale per Unseen64 e il mio forum è quello di cercare leaks è screenshots di giochi beta.Molte delle volte l’hacking mi aiuta a scoprire indizi su eventuali beta (guarda il mio archivio sulle informazioni beta di Pokemon Rubino).Io sò anche tradurre e scrivere argomenti in inglese anche se non è il mio impegno principale per Unseen64. In caso volete sapere di più sulle mie scoperte mandatemi un’ e-mail!

Randy 355: I have played video games ever since I could remember, pretty much starting with Super Mario World for the SNES. Of course I got an N64 and subscribed to Nintendo Power when I grew a bit older, and noticed some beta differences, wondering what the deal was. It interested me. When I stumbled upon this site many years later I had known much about the Halo Series and its betas. Being a fan of Halo and interesting beta pics and info, I wanted to add them to the archive, or it would drive me mad. Now I like to help out regularly, and here I am.

Tomatketchup:  is the only intelligent staff member on Unseen64. In fact, people is so jealous of his intelligence they call him things. Sure, Tomatketchup boasts about it sometimes, but everyone is so harsh these days. Tomatketchup is also the only intelligent man on the forum, whereas the others are just pure morons spamming threads of no value. Why he hasn’t a mansion and sexy girls in a tube is yet a mystery to him though.

Tilemaxx: Hi, I’m Tilemaxx. I am a greek with an addiction to GTA IV. Actually, I’m so addicted I had to go to 4chan’s /b/ to cure it. Sadly they didn’t accept my kind so I simply had to play more of GTA IV. I also enjoy GTA IV, football, GTA IV, music, GTA IV and watching movies. But I like GTA IV the most. Definetley. I am also trying to search for GTA IV beta. But I like to play GTA IV the most. My family don’t understand my feelings, they don’t understand why I am so addicted to GTA IV. Of course, that was at least 100 years ago since I spoke to them because I’ve been too busy playing GTA IV, but their opinion maybe has changed now. Well, I also like to play GTA IV. I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time writing this when I could go play GTA IV. I think I should go play some GTA IV now.

Torentsu: Greetings fellow beta lovers! I’m Trent, but online I go by a multitude of names. Those of you familiar with ZSO may know me as LeeChaolan, but I prefer the moniker Torentsu nowadays, so let’s go with that one here, shall we? Anyhow, being the son of an amusement vendor, (my dad rented out arcade games) I grew up around gaming and have been in it ever since. Then in 1998, I discovered a whole new venue of video games – beta content. 1998 was the year The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time graced the N64, and after having played the game through and through, I wanted more! Luckily, I stumbled upon the website of VideoGamerX who had just released the Zelda debug code. Intrigued by this, I nearly damaged my cart testing it. Pretty soon he started posting more Zelda beta on the site and I ate it all up – beta quest, ocarina pedestal, you name it; I was fascinated by it all. Years later, I stumbled across ZSO (Zelda’s Secret Ocarina) and followed the progress of OOT hacking and beta finding. Sure ZSO was about Zelda beta, but through the interactions I had with the other users, I began to discover that many of my favorite games had beta to be discovered and the rest is history. I’m not a great game hacker, but I do enjoy making basic codes (especially in MAME) and poking around in RAM to find ever elusive beta content! I hope to spread some light on the beta of more obscure games while I’m here.

Ace.Dark: Hai thar, my name is Ace.Dark (Or chibiace on youtube), I am interested in beta video games and games in general. I am a good person to get along with, I hang around the forums if you want to talk and hang ou

Rowedahelicon: Just call me Rowe for short, I’ve been a gamer since good ol’ 1997. Ever since I turned 13 I began to get into the mechanics of gaming, how things worked and why. This obviously led to a passion for finding the hidden mysteries in games, as well as the lost information that were tied to them. I try to stay legit but I occasionally get my paws on some code and see what could of been… Until the day dev’s share 100% with us, I’m happy digging into the past.

Earthwormjim: Well about me I like videogames and hockey, I’ve been doing both for as long as I can remember. For my 4th birthday I got a Sega Genesis and Earthworm Jim which probaly explains my fondness for the series. I also started noticing the unseen and became interested in it at a young age by looking at the back of my games boxes and manuals and seeing things that weren’t in the game. Im especially interested in finding beta information on games such as Earthworm Jim, Deadspace, Bioshock, the Halo series, and the Call of Duty series.

Bowsersenemy: hmm… about myself… well, i obviously love beta and unused things in video games, or i wouldn’t be here. but i also like finding things that have changed over the proccess of the game’s creation. i find it fascinating to see what could have been, and what inspired what came to be. outside of the beta aspect though, i do love playing the games that actualy get released. i’m a huge fan of zelda, ratchet and clank, mario, metroid, sonic, and mega man. i also love watching Lazer Collections, Youtube Poops. and Sprite Fights. anyway, why are you reading this? what, i’m more fascinating than the hordes of beta stuff on this site? get to snoopin’! see what YOU can find!

Franklint: Franklint (otherwise known as Will Pridmore) got into beta content a few years ago, and he loves the idea of finding parts of games, or even entire games, that were never meant to be seen by the public. This sense of mystery pervades all of his writing on Unseen 64, and he finds it a joy and a pleasure to educate the public on some of the more interesting pre-release gaming discoveries. His specialty and biggest interest in the world of unreleased content is, unsurprisingly, the Nintendo 64. His hope is that, one day, a playable build of an early Super Mario 64 beta will surface. He will no doubt be spending his life savings on obtaining this build, once/if it appears. Franklint is currently studying Italian, Japanese and journalism at The University of Melbourne.

Gabrielwoj: Hello from Brazil, my name is Gabriel Henrique, my English isn’t too good, but isn’t too shabby… I have been ripping games since this year, at April, when Mario Kart Wii did my attention much, just like the first unused sprites I have found… I really love some unseens, the fact is, some games are better than the final version, and it’s so interesting how strange or awesome was on development. I have been here a pretty time ago, always checking for new updates… I very like to do some discover at the games, or even, on somewhere. From my young life, I had played much, like Donkey Kong Country, Super Smash Bros., basically, my favorite games… From now, I had played some “new” games, like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Touhou, and some another’s. And from now of now, just ripping stuff and “unseeing” for more games.

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      Staffers that dont contribute to the site or are not seen in the forum from more than 3 / 4 months are automatically moved to the “former staff” :P The main staff is for people that work constantly on the site, while contributors can help just when they have time / will

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