How are Donations used for Unseen64?

Currently the main use of donations is to pay the site server (to keep the archive online), to have multiple backups of all data (online and offline, so we don’t lose important files that don’t exist anywhere else) and to repay some of the time we invest into keeping Unseen64 alive (researching, writing, getting in contact with developers, save documents, resolving technical issues and so on). Before to use donations for everything else, we ask to our Patrons for their feedback, to know if they have advices or objections about the use of those donations for detailed expenses.

We think that this is not our money, the use of donations is always discussed with all the contributors who donate some of their love to continue preserving lost videogames in this online museum. We will keep this page updated each month, so you can track down how many donations will be raised and how they will be used.

unseen64 donations details

Big gaming networks such as IGN or Kotaku have the resources to own powerful servers and to pay a team to work full-time on their websites, keeping their sites online and publishing daily updates. We don’t have their resources, but we think we have something better: we have you, a community of gamers that knows why it’s important to remember beta and cancelled games.

Donations used for (Updated as of 25 June 2021):

Paid and Planned Expenses in 2021:

  • About 40 $ per monthUnseen64 server cost + 24/7 technical support. At the moment this is the best hosting for the kind of bandwidth needed for Unseen64 (as we have many GBs of images hosted), plus tech support is nice and very helpful. If cost will raise more in the following years, we will think about changing it, but it would be very hard to move a site like Unseen64 without issues.
  • About 12 $ per month: to keep our Dropbox space to 1TB and keep an online backup for all Unseen64 images, files, videos and documents in there. This is an important archive to preserve all those files and to manage an easy access to them for our major patrons. This online archive covers files for all the lost games already published on Unseen64, plus all the ones that we still did not add to the site yet, to be sure to not lose anything.
  • Remaining monthly donations: as previously discussed with our Patreons, after we gathered enough donations in the Preservation Fund we started to use the remaining monthly donations to repay some of the time we use to keep Unseen64 online, especially for monokoma, who employs dozens of hours of his own time every week to research info on lost games, save media, contact developers, write articles, read Unseen64 related emails, reply to messages and share lost-games-related news on social networks, resolve technical issues on the site and keep it updated.  With this we can work a bit less on our freelance daily jobs, to use that time for Unseen64. It’s not much money but this means we can keep alive the research on lost games, and also deal with Unseen64 related activities during the day, leaving us more free time on the evening to catch up with our private lives we were leaving quite out in the past 20+ years of existence of this website.

Next Unseen64 Patreon Goal:

If we could rise 550$ per month on Patreon, with your help we could finally quit a few of our day-jobs to work more on Unseen64, organize interviews with forgotten developers, start to archive lost games for the 8th generation of consoles (PS4 / X1 / Nintendo WiiU, Switch / new PC games)!

 $ 164 (35%)

We hope to reach our goal one day, so we could fully work on Unseen64 and make it a better archive for all these games we’ll never play.

New Donations & Preservation Fund:

  • Patreon Donations in May 2021:
    • +$$183.87 Processed 
    • -$9.92 CC / Paypal Fees
    • -$9.23 Patreon Fees
    • Received: $164.82
  • Paypal Donations:
    • Received: $0.00 (no donations)
  • Preservation Fund Savings:
    • Total: $2,335 (from Patreon + One-Off donations)
  • Unexpected Expenses in 2021:
    • Nothing: $ 0.00

All remaining donations saved in the “Preservation Fund” will be used for emergency site expenses and to be sure to have enough to pay the site server in the future. As usual we will open a discussion on Patreon when there will be possible expenses, for now this amount remains in the Preservation Funds for future needs.

If you have questions or advice, let us know by email! Thanks to everyone that contribute to keep Unseen64 online and to preserve even more beta and cancelled projects in the archive, to remember all those lost games even if (in most cases) we’ll never be able to play them.

Do you want to support Unseen64?

Remember: all expenses will be discussed with our patrons before to be used. If you want to donate some of your love, we accept one-off donations through PayPal (you can donate to [email protected]) and pledges on Patreon! You can just donate how much or little you want.

Every cent is really appreciated and sent towards the U64 Archive, and if you can’t donate, just share this to your rich cousin or friend! Thank you for even reading this :)

Monthly Pledges on Patreon:

Patreon lets readers support their favorite websites by becoming patrons, giving a small donation every month through paypal / credit card.

Unlike other crowdfunding services which raise lots of money for a single big event, Patreon is for creators who publish a stream of smaller works, like website updates, articles, researches, and need just little money every month to keep the site online (from 1$ a month, that’s like the cost of 1 cup of coffee!).

By pledging you will steadily support the site and depending on your donations you can have access to bonuses and previews from our Patreon feed, before they will be added to the main website. Empowering a new generation of creators, Patreon is bringing patronage back to the 21st century.

You can delete your pledge whenever you want if you will change your mind, so don’t worry, we understand :)


One-off donations trough Paypal:

If you don’t care about Patreon bonuses and just want to do a one time donation, you can fill in the form below with the amount you prefer, to donate it trough Paypal. You can donate to [email protected]