The Dark (Condemned) [X360 – Beta]

The Dark (Condemned) [X360 – Beta]

Condemned: Criminal Origins was originally known as The Dark, quite far into production. Under this name, the game was largely similar but differed in several key areas. The player character was known as Agent Cross, and the game appeared to follow him on a Government-sanctioned investigation, or investigations, rather than acting as a rogue on the run from the law. Although Cross possessed the supernatural leanings of Thomas from the final game, he could actually use various magical spells. For example, a spell could be uttered to pull a gun from an enemy’s hands and bring it to you through the air, and another spell saw doors and other obstacles break in front of you, seemingly negating the need for a fire axe.

The forensic tools used by Cross also differed, as the detection and collection tools were typically one individual item – the UV light, for instance, could illuminate clues and then be used to physically swipe across them, to take samples.

While playing the game, various bonus contents are unlocked, which can then be accessed from a special menu. Content includes concept and production sketches and paintings, work-in-progress animation, video from motion capture sessions, and a rather lengthy video showcasing a complete level from an early version of the game. [Infos from Wikipedia]

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