Alien Vs. Predator [Jaguar – Proto]

Alien Vs. Predator [Jaguar – Proto]

Thanks to Robert Seddon we got a scan from an old issue of Retro Gamer, were they shown a screen from a prototype version of Alien VS Predator, in which there were lives rather than an healt bar, an early HUD and slighty different character models.



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18 thoughts on “Alien Vs. Predator [Jaguar – Proto]

  1. Matt

    The Beta for this game was released last year (through a deal with Rebellion), I have a copy myself. The gun graphics in the beta are much different then the final artwork. The beta shotgun looked more like a modern day double barreled shotgun.

    1. monokoma Post author

      Interesting.. is the beta available somewhere for download? Probably i’m not going to play it, but i hope that it can be preserved somewhere

  2. Ross Sillifant

    Talking of earlier versions:

    Andrew Whittaker has been quoted as saying that before all of the objects and creatures were placed,the 3D engine was running at about 50-60 frames per second. Due to the tracking and AI of all of these creatures (not all at once mind you) the engine slowed down to its present pace and he was willing to sacrifice speed for more realistic (and devious) AI…..

  3. Ross Sillifant

    Andrews also quoted as saying (in an interview which i can link to if you want?) that he also slowed the frame rate down on purpose, to make players think a bit more, ie did’nt want people rushing about like they did in other FPS, so it looks like the reduced frame rate was a result of 2 factors:Hardware limitations and game design.

  4. Ross Sillifant

    :-) As is always the nature with looking into why changes were made on various games, if you asked each of the team involved, i’m sure everyone would have their own version of events.

    Here’s Lance Lewis talking about the speed reduction in AVP:

    Greg: Was it really faster in a prev version than the final?
    Lance: As long as there were no objects in the game, the engine was FLYING. As soon as the sprites were there…. Ugh. ;)
    K3V: Yeah it’s rumored to have been slowed down on purpose… Was that true?
    Peter: I thought it was so slow because it had to calculate all those aliens running around
    Lance: K3V, I don’t think that was totally true, only that the alien had faster speed, that was about it.


  5. Ross Sillifant

    Any truth to claims earlier/proto version had a slightly different looking Xenomorph and the Predator had a few more, maybe even a lot more frames of animation?.

    It’d be nice to see a side by side comparison video of the 2 as it’s been so many years since i played AVP, let alone saw the inital footage of the rolling demo.on Gamesmaster TV show.

    It’d be great to see just how much changed and if game was better for all the changes.

  6. Ross Sillifant

    Apparently Rebellion claimed Gamesmaster TV show reviewed a Beta copy of AVP, some 3 months before the retail version and they were not at all happy:
    Statement from Rebellion at the time:

    ‘ Gamesmaster [the television program] is produced about three months
    ahead of time – so the version they were reviewing then was three
    months old. What they had at that time was a pre-alpha version of
    the game. We told them what else was going to be put into the game,
    but the reviewers were, for some reason, not given this information
    by the people who run Gamesmaster.

    In fact, large areas of the map were not populated at that time;
    the game was only two meg rather than four, so the majority of the
    samples were absent.’

  7. Ross Sillifant

    :-) Last info burst on this one:

    Developers talked of the Aliens+Predators fighting each other in the early versions of the game, but as the graphics ate into the processing ‘budget’ (as they refer to it) along with fact that, once the 2 species had gone at each other hammer and tongs and killed each other off, the player would be left walking around a very empty base looking for something to fight.

    Also they wanted more ‘faces’ for the Alien, but there simply was’nt room on the cart.

  8. Ross Sillifant

    Regarding the proposed Jaguar CD version…

    Forwarded Atari internal documents to you, but…

    Atari put forward list of suggestions for features, likes of Alexandria and Beyond Games asked to submit proposals, though given how coder from Alexandria doing Jaguar Return Fire hated Jaguar hardware and Beyond Games never got far with Battlewheels on Jaguar, no surprise project was terminated.

  9. R

    On one of the RetroGamer magazines, you can see the unused Alien model from the proposed sequel. In fact, even before RG reiterated it, AVP was never planned to be a FPS, it was going to be something like a beat’em up similar to the SNES game. It’s on a old magazine besides RG…

  10. Ross Sillifant

    The model shown in RG was just a standard Xenomorph action figure model, available for anyone to buy..

    (Unlike the resin and femoral Predator model, Rebellion built for the Jaguar title or those built for Legions Of The Undead.)

    Not something built specifically for proposed sequel.

    Fox Entertainment went out of their way to assist Rebellion with props to be used for the game,including the Alien Slime, It’s called Methacel :-D

    This was detailed in several UK magazines, scans of which have been sent to Yourselves here on Unseen 64, Atarimania, AVP Galaxy etc.

    I’d been sat on some of them for over 20 years,finally decided to pay Mort to scan them so they could be shared with the greater community.

    GTW have already put up the C+VG coverage.

    If the images appear anywhere else online from now on,other than sites listed above, they are done so without my permission.

    These are images from my own personal collection i paid to have scanned so i am protecting my own property here.

  11. Ross Sillifant

    Rebellion talked about how Atari had wanted Jaguar AVP to be similar to the SNES title..a side scrolling 2D affair, in numerous interviews before and after games release and how it had been them who had convinced Atari otherwise.

    Seemed something they were rightfully proud of doing..

  12. Ross Sillifant

    Regarding the RG feature on Beyond Games and AVP II..

    Kris Johnson briefly talked of Atari inviting them over to gauge interest in doing a sequel to AVP, but this time on Jaguar CD.

    Project became studios main focus..all other projects put on hold

    Beyond were progressing towards a contract when Tramiels exited the games industry.

    So it just confirmed what Edge magazine had reported on, way back in the March 1996 issue.

    As for the Xenomorph model shown…
    Small photo of Alien Warrior on black base agains’t a green background.

    It’s not wort trying to track a copy of the magazine down just for conformation of what was already known and a stock Alien Warrior model.

    Scott Stilphen’s internal Atari documentation showed AVP CD as Terminated on 12/11/95

  13. Ross Sillifant

    There has been misleading information appearing online of late, suggesting there was a custom version of AVP built to run on VR Headsets..not quite 😁

    This from Jane Whittaker:

    There was no coded for VR headsets version of AVP, Just VR headsets modified to work WITH Jaguar AVP.

    This from Jane Whittaker:
    There was also a lot of VR equipment modified for AvP by Virtuality labs in the UK (Doctor Robert Waldren) including a virtual reality headset which could sense head movement and rotate your world view accordingly and various input devices and gloves. They were a lot of fun to use too, but unfortunately also never went into mass production.

    End of story.

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