Pokémon Ruby: more unused content in the game?

Pokémon Ruby: more unused content in the game?


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The offsets that are in this article work only with Pokémon Ruby v 1.0 (USA). If you want to know which version is your game, you can use the Rom Header Editor Advance (RHEA). You can find RHEA at any Pokémon hacking website. The text can be seen with Advance-Text (A-Text) but you have to convert the offsets from HEX to DEC (for doing this you can use Windows Calculator). For the unused rooms, you can use Advance Map (A-Map).

I have found some unused dialogs and rooms in Pokémon Ruby. None of them are used in the final version of the game but they are still  hidden in the game code!

It seems like the game’s early project name was POKéMON AGB (AGB is the official product code for the GBA).

Unused Text n° 1 (offset 1A0712)

This is sample message 1.

Welcome to the world of
We hope you enjoy this!

Unused Text n° 2 (offset 1A08F1):

This is sample message 2.

Welcome to the world of
We hope you enjoy this!

Text n° 3 (offset 1A0948):

This is sample message 3.

Welcome to the world of
We hope you enjoy this!

These messages seem to be situated before the rest of the game’s text. It’s interesting to notice that these three weren’t been found in the japanese version! Could this mean that Nintendo was working on two betas, one japanese and one english?

There are even more unused messages:

Text n°4 (39B215):


Text n°5 (39B20E)


Text n°6 (3D0601)


For these i don’t know how they could have been used but maybe the “GOLD” and “SILVER” words are the proof that Pokémon R/S was meant to be a Gold/Silver remake?

And there are even more beta infos: debug rooms!

Unused map -Belongs to ROUTE 104- (27.0)

When you enter it seems a little dark blue square but this is what happens if you enlarge it!


It’s full of trainers! And none of those trainers are used in the final game!

And also the maps belongs to ROUTE 104, so this could means that there were going to be more than 2 buildings in there.

There are also 2 warps that sends you to a beta map of the flower shop! Unused map 2 -Belongs to ROUTE 104- (27.1)


It seems like the usual flower shop but… only one person?  And it says that “the flower shop is closed”. Mabe the flower shop was meant to be closed at  in some part of the beta?

Unused map 3 -Belongs to LILYCOVE CITY- (13.11)

An empty map with only 1 warp that it takes to the S.S. TIDAL’s Dock in LILYCOVE. Nothing interesting in there.

That’s all for now. If I’ll find some new unused content, ill post them with updates :)

UPDATE: thanks to Jon we noticed that the large blue room has the exact same placement of npc as the pokemon festa 2002. Check the video below!

UPDATE 2: gtawtf670 has created an english version of this pokemon festa 2002 beta demo, you can donwload an IPS patch from here!

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3 thoughts on “Pokémon Ruby: more unused content in the game?

  1. Lyn

    Hey i know that this might be a little irelevant since it’s been so long since this post was posted however iv’e not been able to find this anywhere on the web…

    There’s a unused battle with your rival depending on if you chose male or female in the begining.

    If you chose to be male AKA Brendan then there’s a unused battle with May and she’s using a lv 5 Kyogre
    And then if you chose May to begin with then there’s a unused battle with Brendan where he uses a lv 5 Groudon

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