Mother 3 – Earthbound 64 [N64 – Cancelled]

Mother 3 – Earthbound 64 [N64 – Cancelled]

Mother 3 was originally announced in 1996 for the Nintendo 64. Development soon moved to the Nintendo 64DD, where it was to be a launch title. Developer Benimaru Itoh remarked at E3’s 1997 convention that the game would probably utilize the Rumble Pak in battle sequences, but worried that the controller would become too cumbersome for players given the time-consuming nature of role-playing games. Itoi also aimed to allow players to pick several character faces or create new visages with Mario Artist. Shigesato Itoi’s team ran into some trouble while developing this game, due to their inexperience with 3D games and the difficulty of developing for Nintendo 64 hardware. The Nintendo 64DD became a commercial failure, and on August 21, 2000, Itoi officially confirmed the game’s cancellation. The project was revived in 2003 on the Game Boy Advance, and it was eventually released on April 20, 2006. [Infos from Wikipedia]

For more info check the first video below, created by OKeijiDragon, or read our summary of the Mother 3 Project


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44 thoughts on “Mother 3 – Earthbound 64 [N64 – Cancelled]

  1. Masterge77

    Also, the GBA version never saw the light of day in the US because of its prequel earthbounds ad campain, which made it fail big time, EARTHBOUND IS THE BEST GAME EVER MADE AND NINTENDO BASHES ON IT FOR A STUPID ELECTRIC RODENT!!!!!

  2. Biolizard13

    O_O Holy shite… it good that it wasn’t released for 64?
    My favorite characters, Fassad, Duster, Kuma, and Lucas…
    look like crap……

  3. fatface

    Hey, why does the fan translation call YOKUBA “Fassad”? I don’t fucking get where that stupid name even came from. Yokuba is a much better name.

    Anyway, the graphics are super sweet for an N64 game, I gotta say. In this version and in an early version of the GBA version, there were a total of 12 chapters. I wonder what got cut? It’d be awesome to see…

  4. CaptHayfever

    “Fassad” is based on a couple different things: It sounds like “facade” and it looks like it fits his costume.

    …besidestechnicallyweshouldcallhimlocriaanyway. ;)

  5. Pigmask


    Wow, they really had everything in mind back then, If they were more experienced, then what a great game would that be!

    As I’ve read, there was supposed to be twelves chapters and we were supposed to have the choice of the occuring events, in the end, I guess it’s would bring up a random team of hero to beat Porky out since the “Masked Man” wasn’t though up

    …We can also see Ness and his Hometown being destroyed, so I guess It’s Porky who destroyed the world, creating the white ship event, and eventually brought Ness to the island so he can laught at him

    It’s a real damn shame they didn’t finish the game through, the graphics are good for the N64, just look at Final Fantasy 7! …Not only that, but twelve chapters already 3/4 of them made, and supposely as they said, the events that occur can be changed and/or random, now that’s something I’d love to see!

    They also kept alot of characters in the game, eventually, when Mother 3 was revived to get on the gba, I bet they finally came up with Fassad/Yokuba being as Locria just by looking at his character art XD

    But I’d love to see what else they though up, I’ve read there’s a part were you can play as a Baby O.o

    Then again, To Itoi, the game was only complete by 30% and Myamato said 60%

    At least, we got Mother 3 perfectly Fan-Translated with more stuff, and not to forget the memories of Earthbound changed so It’s can’t be Unchanged XD

    As for Fassad, Yokuba means Greedy in Japanese, Fassad is an indirect name for “Facade”, now which one do you prefers? Yokuba seem to stand out, but since Fassad is “Facade”, his cloths are fitting, so you can’t get to see his red hair XD

    …Then again, I can already Imagine how he got Yokuba as his name XD

    Now…If only someone out there is willing to steal that piece of art and bring it to the world of emulation…

    …Now, to end It in a Sparrow way…Chirp! Chirp! …Wait, wrong job…Oik! Oik! *raise right arm*


  6. Brian

    I Mean Mother 3 (GBA) was never released in the US because of legal reasons most likely Nintendo did it.

  7. t4ash08g

    SMASH MASTER 9000 the team was scared of making Mother 4,which is f***ing dumb because in the end he said there wouldn’t be a Mother 4 so it was sadly it was a cancelation in vain,but if i ever figure how to go to the past and back and tell them which i doubt is possible

  8. Vic


  9. MPNagem89

    the reason why mother 3 never came out in north america because the creator of earthbound has a giant stick up his ass and thinks only the japanese liked the mother/earthbound. how would pokemon fans feel if satoshi tajiri only released generation 1 in north america and decided to act like a douchebag by NOT release the later games, sure some retro fags would be happy but not the people who want to keep playing. or worst yet what if nintendo released only ONE mario game and not bother releasing the rest.

  10. Myonmallow

    Some people are such crybabies ಠ_ಠ
    Just be happy with what happened, and curious (or silently pissed-off) about what didn’t.

  11. KuronoToriga

    Listen, I’ve had dreams about things before I’ve seen them IRL, all the time. And I had a dream about Mother 3 Beta that I think may be of help.
    I saw what the final cover and label would’ve looked like, had the game been released. It was red, it said “Mother 3” on it, and it had a weird blue/green tinted crystal on it. The box had the same, and I swear it said something about “3-D RPG Action” on a sticker on the front. It looked pretty cool. The cart was normal sized, and gray.

  12. KnowMe?


    Weird but I also had a similar dream about holding the beta too.

    But instead there was a sticker on the front cover said, “Best RPG of the Year”.

    Lucas was to the left, Claus was to the right, cross-arms (not with each other, with their own arms) and facing different direction from each other. Flint cried inbetween Lucas and Claus but he was a bit further back from them. Boney’s pulling Lucas’ jeans. And Hinawa was transparent and was in the upper-right corner, praying. Mother 3 logo was under Hinawa and above for everybody else.

    That’s what I remembered in my dream.

  13. Icanberetardedtoo

    I had a dream about mother 3 as well played trough the entire thing on the 64 you guys should have seen it what a great game

  14. Dumdodoor

    Earthbound 3 on the 64 looked impressive as far trailers show. It would’ve helped boost the sales for the 64DD too because it’s that awesome.

    By the way, did they changed the plot from 64, or is it completely the same? I never experienced Mother 3 yet.

  15. Terry

    The real reason why earthbound 64 wasnt released is because the n64 was on its way out. The game was never finished and was canceled because the gamecube was on its way. They feared the game would not sell because the n64 was becoming outdated.

  16. steph

    Both videos are gone!

    Also, I don’t think people realize how hard this game would have been to finish. It wasn’t from a bad team making it; hardly anyone could have made this into a playable game. One day they might try again but with such a hard topic….

    1. Finley Gomez Post author

      Hey dude, could you possibly find the other GameFan pics? I just want to make sure the ones i have on my Hard Drive are the ones from the original site

  17. JokerJay779

    At the very least hopefully maybe Mother 3 will be remade with 3D graphics still in the style of the series for the 3DS. Maybe perhaps even have 12 chapters like he originally envisioned for it during the 64 development. Although if that were to happen that could mean it may end up a lot different then the original GBA version.

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