Gaishin Senki: Millennium Sword [SNES – Cancelled]

Gaishin Senki: Millennium Sword (鎧神戦記ミレニアムソード) is a cancelled strategy RPG that was planned by Magifact to be released on Super Famicom / SNES around 1995. Screenshots were published at the time in a promo leaflet and by looking at these it seems the game was set in a strange post-apocalypse earth, with flying ships as in Captain Harlock, huge mechanical knights as in Magic Knight Rayearth and cthulhu alike demons. It sounds quite epic, isn’t it?

Artwork created for the game was shared on Twitter by the author and a former Magifact developer even shared his memories working on the project (translated by Google):

“I’m one of the former developers. Thank you very much for that section. I still remember that the boss took the trouble to bring the completed painting to the development room. I’m very sorry that I couldn’t complete the game, but I’m very happy to see the wonderful illustrations again ^_^ .”

We don’t know why Gaishin Senki: Millennium Sword was never released, but we hope one day someone could find a playable prototype, as it’s weird settings looked really cool.


Zorro (IREM) [SNES – Cancelled]

Zorro for the SNES by IREM Corporation was a game being developed around 1994. Nothing was ever mentioned of this game’s development or existence. An ex-IREM employee briefly uploaded a clip of this game on youtube in March 2021. However, it was quickly deleted by the user. Thankfully a youtube user, ShiryuGL, was able to download and share the video with others.

Upon further research the user who originally posted the Zorro gameplay turned out to be Yoshinobu Oyaman. After making contact with Mr.Oyaman, he was able to confirm that this Zorro game was actually based on the early conceptualization of the Mask of Zorro 1998 movie. The game was to include both an older and younger version of Zorro (similar to the film) and gameplay was based off of Konami’s Sunset Riders.

Ultimately the project was cancelled due to IREM disbanding their console concepts in 1994 to focus on coin-op arcades. Yoshinobu also stated that this game was very hard to develop due to it being the first action game being developed by IREM.

Interview translated using google translate: 

Evil Pixel: Hello I’m writing about unreleased games. I was informed that you worked at IREM and I wanted to know more about this Super Nintendo Zorro game. No one seems to know anything about it. I hope you can help me get more information for documentation purposes. Thank you for your time.

Yoshinobu Oyaman: Hello, ZORRO was made when I was at IREM. I’m a developer with ARCADE and SFC, and I was a Game Designer for SFC. IREM has released HOOK on ARCADE which they liked, so the game was developed under the copyright of The Mask of Zorro. Unfortunately, the development of IREM was disbanded in 1994, so it was unfinished and unreleased. The content of the game was aimed at the feeling of KONAMI’s Sunset Riders. I couldn’t get any information just from the information that two Zorro (the first Zorro and the young Zorro) would appear in the developing movie, so I made an action game using a sword and a whip while watching Zorro’s comics.

Evil Pixel: Thank you for that information. Do you know if a game prototype cartridge exists? If so, do you have a photo of the cartridge?

Yoshinobu Oyaman: (Yoshinobu proceeds to show me the prototype cartridge in his possession).

Evil Pixel: thank you very much. This is the last question. Was the game complete or was it half complete? Also, did the game have any interesting features? It looks amazing

Yoshinobu Oyaman: Unfinished. It was hard because it was the first ACTION GAME in the third work after I made R-TYPE. After this, I changed jobs to BANPRESTO and made Super Gussun Oyoyo.

Evil Pixel: Are you the only one who has a copy of the zorro cartridge?

Yoshinobu Oyaman: I had a former Zorro programmer burn it into a ROM. As expected, I cannot make a copy

Article by Evil Pixel




Mortimer in the Big City (Imagitec) [Cancelled – SNES, Mega Drive]

Mortimer in the Big City is a cancelled action adventure that was in early development by Imagitec Design for Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive / Genesis. The project is mostly forgotten today, but a short article about it was published in 1992 on Hobby Consolas magazine (issue 10), with a few details on it’s gameplay (translated with Google):

“Mortimer, who is the “protagonist”, must do everything possible to rescue his girlfriend Maria Mouse from the clutches of Rufus the Rat. There are six levels to explore in which you can find everything: from animals of all kinds to an infinite number of objects, platforms, some humans, puzzles, traps and, above all, bomb-proof action and exasperating gameplay.”

At the time Imagitec developed some fun games such as The Humans and Viking Child, so we can just wonder if Mortimer in the Big City could have been another interesting project. The only Mortimer image published in Hobby Consolas is a concept art, and we don’t know if they ever created a playable prototype before its cancellation.


Heart & Heart (M&M) [Game Boy – Cancelled]

Heart & Heart is a cancelled dating-sim that was in development around 1991, planned to be published by M&M on Nintendo Game Boy. Players would have been able to insert real-life details of their loved one, such as age, Zodiac sign and blood group, and customize the sprite of the in-game girl. Then Heart & Heart would calculate the compatibility between the player and the girl, then maybe set a romantic date trying to choose the right questions and answers to win the girl.

An ad for the game was also published in Famitsu magazine (issue 157), but in the end Heart & Heart was never released. Here is the ad text translated by Google:

“In 1992, the ban on male-female dating live simulation was lifted, and her actual data was input. In addition, the eyes and looks are also montages. In addition, the game starts with her own data. An epoch-making experience that does not change from the real date is waiting for you. Whether she was able to escort well is shown by her compatibility diagnosis with her last. Since the data stock for 12 people can be done, there are 10 people and 10 colors to use. You can get data from that unrequited love daughter and use it later for compatibility diagnosis. Of course, even if she isn’t there, she can play a good game called Nampa Mode. For men and women, I have to make it myself, because I don’t want to be a Shinario. Now, really hone your dating skills. Soft Heart & Heart for Game Boy ”is in great shape!”

We are not sure what happened to M&M, but they are the same company who published the cult-RPG Otaku no Seiza: An Adventure in the Otaku Galaxy.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution!


Glove Pilot [NES – Cancelled]

Glove Pilot is a cancelled NES game that was in development since late ‘80s by Mattel for their classic Power Glove motion controller. Players would move their hand to use on-screen levers and buttons, flying a space fighter, fighting enemies and analyzing the environments of alien planets.

The game was originally listed alongside with other Power Glove titles (Super Glove Ball, The Terror of Tech Town) in a Mattel promotional booklet, then talked about in a few gaming magazines (such as Electronic Gaming Monthly issue 2), but later quietly vanished with no more information than a short description and a single screenshot:

“The instrument panel is displayed on the video screen. It is a complex cluster of dials, gauges and switches. And you are in control. Activate the Power Glove and you actually “reach” into the game screen to control your interplanetary fighter. Every motion of the Glove is transmitted directly to the control panel, as you are in command of a mission that will test your skill to the limit.

You will salvage wrecked fighters by accessing their control panels through your own. You will take soil and atmospheric samples, analyzing for hazardous material. You will scan rock formations for precious metals. And, of course, you will pilot your fighter into battle, with advanced weapons systems at your fingertips. Six exciting worlds await the pilot with speed and skill to meet the challenge of Glove Pilot.”

In the end only two games created specifically for the Power Glove were ever released by Mattel: Super Glove Ball and Bad Street Brawler. The other 3 games announced (Glove Pilot, Manipulator Glove Adventure and Tech Town) vanished forever after the company and the market lost faith in the accessory.