ShadowHawk [SNES – Unreleased]

ShadowHawk [SNES – Unreleased]

ShadowHawk is a cancelled action/platformer game developed by Studio E exclusively for the Super Nintendo around 1994. It was based on the comic-book of the same name.

The game was cancelled due to a lack of publishers interested in the project and the source code leaked on the internet in 2016. SNESCentral wrote:

The game is split into two modes. It featured one or two platforming stages, followed by a Mortal Kombat-style boss fight. After beating each level, you get a cut scene with the story, and usually a hint at who the next boss is. You can throw a boomerang, but I found that most enemies with shooting attacks will hit you before you even get a chance to throw it. A neat aspect is the grappling hook, which can allow you to quickly swing through a level.

The boss fights are an almost exact Mortal Kombat clone. The controls are set up the same (high and low punches and kicks on the face, block with the shoulder buttons). I wasn’t able to consistently do special moves, but they appear to be standard fighting game motions. After beating the boss, they stand there dizzy, which may mean you can pull off a fatality style move. Without a move guide, there is no way I can figure out if that is true.

ShadowHawk wasn’t the only cancelled game made by Studio E. Years after, the company also had two cancelled Playstation titles with the action game Pariah and the mysterious Zulu. Their only released game was VMX Racing in 1997, still on the Playstation.

Article by Daniel Nicaise



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