Conker’s Quest / Twelve Tales [N64 – Cancelled]

Conker’s Quest / Twelve Tales [N64 – Cancelled]


We all remember Conker Bad Fur Day as one of the most original (at least conceptually) games ever released on Nintendo 64. But we also remember how it looked before, when it was called Conker: Twelve Tales or Conker’s Quest: the quintessential cute-looking platform. However, apart from the graphic style, the first version of Conker had some interesting features not found in released version. The overworld was probably bigger and there were more levels, like, as you can seen from the screenshots on this page, a Toy and an Ice stage, more bosses,more moves and gadgets (including vehicles) for Conker. Also, the game was slightly different if played with Berry, the cute friend of Conkey, because she would have had to raise monsters in order to fight the enemies. The most significant feature was however the co-op mode, which allowed two players to cooperate in the adventure mode. Unfortunately, only some places and characters were ported to BFD, although with heavy changes, like the Scarecrow, the Cyclops (that became the giant boss of the prehistoric world), the windmill, many locations and gameplay ideas of the phehistoric world, etc. We can only hope that in the future a proto of this game will be leaked for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks to Cubivore10 for the contribution!



NEW 30 MINUTE VIDEO!!! Huge props to IOnEIFalcon

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95 thoughts on “Conker’s Quest / Twelve Tales [N64 – Cancelled]

  1. AcidRrat

    Is there a working rom out for this? and if so is the rom compatible with the xbox version of the n64 emulator?

  2. Miretank

    It’s just me or it also resembles a bit of Dinosaur Planet?

    It would give a really nice sequel (or even the first game) for the released BFD.

  3. JoyStick

    It actually looks pretty cool. If they’re are roms, someone should release them to the public. It’d be nice.

    Also, it would be really cool if someone took the existing roms and finished the game. It could be a prequel of sorts.

  4. monokoma

    From what i know, Conker’s Quest / Twelve Tales is still not leaked anywhere, at least for now. But i wonder if someone has ever tried to hack Bad Fur Day too search for hidden Twelve Tales stuff

  5. Captain N

    I dont know why they made such a 180 on this game. not that Fur day is Bad, actually its one of my favorites. But it seems like they had a nice working game that could almost have been released. so why did they change it…?

  6. Playtendo

    Captain N: I think it was because Rare was known for making little kid games and they never wanted to be known for that so they decided to make Conker 64 into an M rated game.

    1. monokoma

      Playtendo is right, that’s probably the main reason. A sad one. While Bad Fur Day was a fun game, it’s a shame that this version was cancelled. It was pratically a new game, not really comparable with BFD.

  7. person

    funny…well whatevah. all I know is twelve tales would have been much bettah except the multiplayer in bad fur day was good.

  8. Fox00128

    God I wish they would have released this. I want a ROM so bad. Unfortunately I’ve been looking for over a year, and still nothing =\

  9. loopdeer

    BFD wasn’t that bad, but this would be a great game. I wonder if Rare could simply release a kid series and adult series?

  10. SoFoS

    BFD was one of Rareware’s last great games.

    It seems from the details here that they made the correct decision to scrap Twelve Tales; it looks fairly awful.

  11. miker

    wow did you did it???
    but conker quest was recycled, and then it transform in conker´s bad fur day that we know

  12. Masterge77

    Wanna know why Bad fur day was so foul and vulgar, BLAME THE VULGAR TRASH KNOWN AS SOUTH PARK, it even says on wikipedia “Inspired by South Park” I HATE YOU STONE AND PARKER, AND YOUR SWEARING KIDS TOO!!!!!!!

  13. Linkx111

    conker bad fur day was a gem, and the peak of technology on the nintendo 64: perfect lip synch, great graphics, incredible sound, orchestral musics, wonderful textures and great gameplay ideas.. it was clearly a ripoff of a typical south park stiled cartoon, but at any rate it was great and very entertaining (the big boobed flower was top notch!)

    This said.. i would like to play this version too.. a pic of the actual barry, the girlfriend of conker in this beta rom, can be viewed in banjo kazooie, on the Boat lvl (can’t recall the name), inside one of the cabins that can be accessed breaking the mirrors.

  14. Linkx111

    In my opinion, conker bad fur day was the peak reached technically and on a gameplay base, on the nintendo 64… tho i would like to play this version of the game too, it shows quite a lot of great ideas! and.. to me, the polygonal engine is different. this one resembles more the banjo kazooie one.

    A picture of the Beta Barry, the girlfriend of conker in twelve tales, can be seen inside the Boar level, the one with the poisoned sea (can’t recall the name), in banjo kazooie, inside one of the cabins that can be accessed breaking the windows.

  15. gamer

    man i wish they came out with this game a long time ago it may have probably been better than banjo kazooie mabey…. but i dont realy get it when you guys say ROMs is it suppost to be a download? but if they did come out with this game i would have played it but at the time i was about 4 ….. i think rare needs to put this on either the nintendo ds or the xbox arcade. it would be nice.

  16. Cubivore10

    Maybe, we could start a project? Maybe like the Mario 64 beta reconstruction? I’m on board if anybody else would be willing to help.

  17. Ace

    If Ppl Like Myself Want To Play This Game Rare Should Atleast Try & Put It On Wii. I hope They Do Make This Game For The Wii Because It Looks Like It Was a Good Game

  18. Cubivore10

    Yeah…wishful thinking on my part. However, somebody (maybe me) should look deep within the bowels of the ROM and see if there are any leftovers from Twelve Tales.

  19. lawrens

    conker BFD est aid le debut est laid ses vulgaire sa sort de nulpard se jeu conker twelve tales il y a de laction on peut jouer avec un gars et une fille ses un jeu pour les gars et les filles a comparer conker

  20. lawrens

    conker BFD ses nul le debut est nul et en plus sa a un mauvais language sa pas daction le debut est laid mais de que tu commence a avoir des armes sa devient horible epeurant il ya du sand partoutet en plus conker dit des mauvais mots je le reconais pas

  21. lawrens

    conker BFD est aid le debut est laid ses vulgaire sa sort de nulpard se jeu conker twelve tales il y a de laction on peut jouer avec un gars et une fille ses un jeu pour les gars et les filles a comparer conker BFD

  22. Nick

    Look to who ever has the game, why don’t you stop being a little greedy hoarder depriving everybody of this awesome game and simply come up with a number… say 5 grand then create a website with a paypal account for donations.

    Once the target is met and your investment protected you can keep your damn cart, just release the rom on the net.

    I would happly contribute a few bucks to play this game and im sure thousands of other people would aswell.

    If your reading this PLEASE consider what i said. You can count on my $5 :)

  23. MarxForever

    Well if it’s true that Rare didn’t want to be known as just some “kiddie” company (which is the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard, their 64 games were incredible, save Conker, any age!) then that’s probably why they snuck all that perverted shit into Banjo Tooie.

  24. evil12

    conker BFD est aid le debut est laid ses vulgaire sa sort de nulpard se jeu conker twelve tales il y a de laction on peut jouer avec un gars et une fille ses un jeu pour les gars et les filles a comparer conker

  25. Anonymous

    I Have a Bit Of a Strong Feeling They Dont But Dont But Would Rusty Bucket Bay Sell Any Of The Beta / Cancelled Games Possibly Maybe a Cartridge Of This Game?. If So Can Someone Post a Link To The Website?.

  26. Gabrielwoj

    This conker is totally for kids, that’s because didn’t release (no official information, just my opnion)…
    Conker Bad Fur Day is the ORIGINAL conker… RARE failed to make an another, so them there was no more conker’s… Only the first, and the Reloaded (remake)

  27. Unknown.

    I Am Almost Done In High School. So I Will Try To Find Any Game Like This. So It Can Be Released At Last.

  28. Hubacchris, ElvisDitto

    I loved the originality of CBFD. But this also looks like a fun adventure.
    Still, I myself have played a million games. And sometimes, it is fun to play a game that has loveable characters who sware and are vulga.
    Although not something I’d recommend, but it just adds to the individuality of it. Not every single character is totaly perfect.

    Can you imagine Wario drinking Whisky? I bet you he would.
    Can you imagine Pokemon injury each other? It’s been seen in Fan fics so many times.

    Sometimes detering from the child freindly style of things makes the characters more believable.

    No doubt this would of been fun, but the screenshots them selvs look far to birght. Almost like MS Paint default colours :_:

  29. Unknown.

    Conker’s Bad Fur Day Is a Good Game. But , Conker’s Quest Is Better In My Opinion. Conkers Quest Wont Get Sold Or Remade Because Look At The Consoles We Have Now. It Might Work Though Depending On How Much Attention It Gets & Spred World Wide.

  30. Anonymous

    during the summer i watch a youtube user known as xthemusic do a lets play of conker’s bad fur day and judging from the many cutscenes that game had i personally think that the humour that was put into the game was inspired by monty python NOT south park. also if rare decides to make another conker, not only they should go back to nintendo and also bring their franchises with them (excluding ghoulies, kinect sports, and of course VOMIT PUKE or viva pinata) they should also team up with the people who made the monty python movies to make a conker movie.

  31. Jack

    I guess the Killer Instinct team–having developed a brawler and Jet-Force-Gemini–couldn’t quite stomach the saccharine-poisoning of Conker 64, and decided to pull a volte-face.

    I would’ve loved Conker 64, mind. He looked like such a versatile little ferret-thing: just look at his acrobatic display. Seems a far more mobile and free creature than Mario or Banjo.

  32. Airy's Dark

    iv pulled CBFD rom apart and find no CQ files at all. they clend it up good.
    there is a cbfd Remake for pc. but only multiplayer. but working on it has slowd to a stop. dont know why

  33. studentdrinkinggames

    Hi would you mind letting me know which hosting company you’re utilizing? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different internet browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot faster then most. Can you suggest a good web hosting provider at a honest price? Cheers, I appreciate it!

  34. gumerload

    nobody realizes that this beta was more child conker has no voice, the graphics are more primitive, character models are rare, berry is not a rabbit, you see more children, but I think the final version is much better,I do not deny it could have been a good game.

  35. CTTFan


    This was a beta, and yes it was (obviously) a more child-friendly Conker, which I personally don’t mind.

    1. If you listen in the background in some of the beta footage (when Conker is talking to a bird creature) you can hear that there was, in fact, voice acting

    2. The graphics were not that much more “primitive” at all (and once again, this was a beta)

    3. Many character models are clearly abundant and apparent in the beta screenshots, and let me remind you that BFD, too, had many textures, just by the look of it not at all as much content (once again though, I must add, this was A BETA)

    4. Berry was never a rabbit, not even in BFD

    5. I have no idea what you’re talking about when you say “you see more children”, although that obviously falls within your first complaint that this is a more child-friendly game, and that honestly doesn’t matter to me because I’m not some eleven year old who thirsts for crudeness for the sole reason of it being crude.

    By the looks of it, even in its beta stage IMO Conker’s Twelve Tales looks like the superior game in terms of open world gameplay, amount of content, and yes, even the universe appeals to me more. BFD is a good game and I don’t care if its the game you personally like more out of the two because you like the type of unverse BFD has more, but statistically Twelve Tales, as a game, looks just as good if not better. I would have personally taken Twelve Tales over BFD any day.

  36. Allan

    Este conker parece ser un poco infantil no se parece al Bad Fur Day ha otra cosa donde puedo descargarlo?

  37. Leirin

    I’d KILL to see this game’s cart get dumped and leaked somehow. Seriously! I know for fact that it was playable at some game shows so there HAS to be a cart of it somewhere.

  38. Mitch

    Quite interesting really, this game shows great potential, too bad most of the good features have been removed.

  39. MPNagem89

    what i don’t get is that why couldn’t rareware appeal to both the younger gamers and the older gamers by releasing both games? oh well

  40. Conker's Quest

    I’ve heard a guy that had one copy of the Conker’s Quest Prototype.
    He showed a picture of the game that I have never seen before (a new picture, Conker walked on clouds. Didn’t look fake to be honest. And I know because I’ve used Photoshop in 14 years from now. I can tell if a picture’s fake or not, this picture was very detailed. Not a smeared one).
    He wanted 2.400 dollar for it. So I started a foundraiser (and I already had 1.500 dollar. I needed 900 dollar), but nobody believed me, so I didn’t get anything. But I got to be honest, it was a lot of money he wanted for it. I emailed him if he could sell it to me for 1.500 dollar. And he never answered. And there it ended. It was 2,5 years from now it happened.

    Believe me or not, but I’ve told it now and I don’t lie. And I know there’s a copy of it somewhere. You don’t have to believe me though. I did my best to get it, but I failed.

  41. Geneviève

    The last screenshot “unknowconkervillainr” (the one with the strange magician) looks almost exactly like Waldorf from Conker’s Pocket Tales! I also found an render of him:

    So could this mean a lot of Conker’s Pocket Tales was in Conker’s Twelve Tales? This makes me also remember the Swamp Fiend from CPT, he was a strange hand coming out of the swamp and tries to slam you… this is really something like the first portion of the fight with the Great Mighty Poo! And plus their hands really looks alike, the music in the Claw Swamp is quite alike the song in Poo Land!

    I also have two related new screenshots of Conker’s Twelve Tales, here: (The render of Conker just before they made it look so furry with angry eyes) and (the exact game boxart from Conker’s Pocket Tales but in rendering of the models of the N64 version! Could this mean they were like game twins? (One for the portable system and one for the N64)

    1. monokoma

      Thanks a lot for the info Geneviève Geneviève! The final boss from Pocket Tales could have been in the N64 game too, but it was completely removed when they changed the tone

  42. Geneviève

    Forgot to say this is an incredibly interesting article!

    And also I remember seeing a YT video in which the game select screen was a bit different and the “flotting hand”was not of Conker or Berri, it lookes like a hand with a glove and purple handle. (Sorry my english is not so good) Now it makes me thinks of Waldorf or K.O. the Kat hand. (Could this means a option “battle the bosses again”?)

    I just adore the little sunflowers with the happy faces on the boxart or Conker’s Pocket Tales… they are in Windy in Conker’s Bad Fur Day! (End of the chapiter Hungover)

  43. retro

    i wish i knew who had the beta for this for sale, i would buy it even if it cost much and make a rom of it if its possible

  44. Conker



  45. Victoria something

    I’ll admit, I think I like the idea of BFD better; conceptuously it was a more original idea. Even so, I have to say that this game looks awesome as well. If it was released, I would have bought it, no questions asked. It looks a lot smoother than Banjo-Kazooie or Mario 64 (not bashing those games, they’re amazing), seeing as Conker is a more slender being.
    My question is why they couldn’t have released both BFD and C64? It would be nice to have Rare dig this game up and release it on XBLA or WiiWare or even PC, but that’s sadly wishful thinking…

  46. Anonymous

    lets put it at this bad fur day adult conker,12 tails kid conker either way bad fur day would have happened eventually.

  47. eSPy

    Nintendo press release


    Twelve Tales: Conker 64: First Free-Roaming Adventure Game To Offer Two Playable Characters, Two-Player Simultaneous Action And A Four-Player Battle Mode

    ATLANTA, May 27, 1998 – Close your eyes. Imagine yourself in a free-roaming, 3-D, action/adventure video game for Nintendo 64 featuring two different playable characters, allowing you and a friend to explore and complete objectives together. Next, imagine you and your new game have jumped into a brilliantly colored, highly detailed animated movie with characters that gesture and change facial expressions according to the conditions that confront them. Now, open your eyes and witness the reality of Twelve Tales: Conker 64™ – a revolutionary new video game developed and published by U.K.-based Rare Ltd. and distributed by Nintendo of America Inc.

    “Game developers are discovering the incredible depth and technological advantages of Nintendo 64,” says Peter Main, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president, sales and marketing. “With Twelve Tales: Conker 64, Rare has created a game that will force people to rethink what can be done with video games – from creating characters with emotional responses to expanding multi-player options.”

    Scheduled for release in 1998, Twelve Tales: Conker 64 is the first action/adventure game ever that allows two people to play simultaneously in free-roaming, 3-D environments. There’s a choice of two main characters, Conker a male squirrel or Berri a female chipmunk, each with a different style of game play. The game also includes a four-player battle mode, also a first for an action/adventure game.

    The game introduces two unique character design technologies available only with Nintendo 64: real-time character emotion animation and character environment awareness. With the former, the characters’ moods change and react to various stimuli depending on the action in the game. With environment awareness, the character is conscious of its immediate surroundings and reacts accordingly. These reactions provide valuable game play hints, thus making the character’s reactions an integral part of the game.

    Twelve Tales: Conker 64 features additional technological advancements, such as intelligent enemy behavior, including reinforcements that will be employed during battle, and as many as 30 moving characters on the screen at one time, all with swift, fluid movement.


    The objective of the game is to find and collect more than 100 house-warming presents that have been stolen by a gang of animal hoodlums.

    There are two separate styles of play available, depending on which character is selected. If a player chooses to play with Conker, the game play is more action-oriented with Conker battling enemies directly. If a player picks Berri, the game play becomes more strategic, because she has a monster companion who fights for her. Throughout the game, she will need to instruct the monster on the type of attack to use, be aware of its health level and feed it when necessary.

    Players will have unique battle weapons, including a catapult to deal with enemies from a distance. There are several unique, fun methods of transportation in Twelve Tales: Conker 64, among them a hook-and-wire roller coaster and a jet-powered surfboard. The game includes complete interaction with all of the objects in each environment, such as the ability to climb and shake trees and open crates.


    With the two-player simultaneous split-screen option, one player will control Conker, and another player will control his owl friend as they work together in the same environment to complete the objectives at hand. Another industry first for Twelve Tales: Conker 64 is the inclusion of a four-player battle mode – unheard of in an action/adventure game.


    Rare is a developer and publisher of games for Nintendo video game systems. Rare Ltd. has offices in the United Kingdom, and Rare, Inc., its wholly owned subsidiary, has offices in Miami, Fla. For more information about Twelve Tales: Conker 64, Rare or any other Rare product, visit Rare’s web site on the Internet,

    Nintendo Co., Ltd., of Kyoto, Japan, is the leader in the worldwide $15 billion retail video game industry. Nintendo manufactures and markets hardware and software for its best-selling home video game systems, including the hand-held Game Boy, the 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and the 64-bit Nintendo 64, the fastest-selling video game system in history. As a wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of America Inc., based in Redmond, Washington, serves as headquarters for Nintendo’s operations in the Western Hemisphere, where more than 40 percent of American households own a Nintendo game system.

  48. xherosonic

    Where did that 30 mins of gameplay come from? There is obviously a rom or cartridge out there if that footage exists and only showed up in 2009! So the question is, who’s the greedy bastard?

  49. Bunny

    To the person who said BFS was better as well as mentioning the flowers tits, you sound like a stupid pervert who is on rule34paheal WAYYYYY too much. tits don’t make a character sexy. It’s stupid and unnecessary. a female shouldn’t have big breasts in a game. It’s a shame that sex sells these days.

    1. Anon98


      I understand it’s not your thing but you have no right to kinkshame! Please understand that this is a website for prototype and cancelled game enthusiasts and NOT for big whiney brats who think flat chests are better than big you say? Don’t be ridiculous man! treat this site with better care and find something good to update this dead page at least! The least you can do is hack through the ECTS version and see what you can find there. Someone found more hidden unused stuff in the game but didn’t bother bringing it up here yet!

      Please do all of us Conker fan a BIG favor! Find something you can use and look inside the ECTS! There must be more interesting stuff there! I bet there could be more stuff from 12 Tales and Quest in this build!

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