Tarantula [PSX Saturn PC – Cancelled]

Tarantula [PSX Saturn PC – Cancelled]

Tarantula is a cancelled action game that was in development by Scavenger (Team Mescal) in 1996 / 1997 for the Playstation, Saturn and PC. The concept of the game was somehow similar to the released Spider (PSX) and Deadly Creatures (Wii), in which the player would had take the role of a spider to explore natural areas and human houses, fighting against other insects and animals.

As noted at  Sega Collection, Tarantula was shown at E3 1996, along with other Scavenger’s games that seem to have been vanished too: Angel, Aqua, Into The Shadow, Mudkicker and Spearhead. Sadly the studio was closed down in 1997 / 1998 for economic problems.

As we can read at MobyGames:

Scavenger, Inc., with offices in Boston, California, Denmark, England, Sweden, was a short-lived interactive entertainment company specializing in the development of video games […] The President of the company in 1996 was Daniel Small. In April of that year, Scavenger and GT Interactive Software Corp. entered into a publishing agreement for several titles.

Problems occurred between the two companies concerning GT Interactive’s failure to pay according to contract, and a lawsuit resulted. Debt forced Scavenger to close its doors in approximately 1997. Even though Scavenger was awarded $1.9 million in the Supreme Court settlement (Feb. 2000), it was not enough to resurrect the company.

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5 thoughts on “Tarantula [PSX Saturn PC – Cancelled]

  1. cracker

    This looked very promising. The screenshots remind me of a spider version of Bad Mojo (PC) which was a pretty fun game imo. Too bad nothing was ever leaked to test out the actual gameplay.

  2. Ross Sillifant

    There was supposed to be a playable demo running at E3 1996…you could pounce with the spider and explore the environment.. Not much i admit, but more on offer than the rolling demo of Terminus, shown at the same time.

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