The Unseen [XBOX – Cancelled]

The Unseen [XBOX – Cancelled]

The Unseen (also know as WarCaster) was a project developed by Tremor Entertainment for the original XBOX, that was going to be published by Microsoft. In September 2002, Microsoft decided to cancel their publishing contract and The Unseen vanished without traces.



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3 thoughts on “The Unseen [XBOX – Cancelled]

  1. dude

    Big demon…check.
    Sweet goth chick…check.
    Cool freaking sword…check.

    Why was this canceled it has all the components of a winning title.

  2. Ardo Melnikov

    I REMEMBER this game! at the end of every manual of early xbox games you would get pages with previous of future games and this was one of them!! I always wondered if it ever came out.

  3. Bobo

    Every once in awhile I think back to this game, and have such a hard time remembering its name… ironic, considering the name of the website here, that I frequently go to to find out info on cancelled games, lol.

    It sucks that MS canned this with no explanation. They were REALLY hurting for third person action-adventures on the OG Xbox, and frankly it would’ve been great for BOTH titles if this came out and went up against Sony’s Primal. You just know every multiplat gaming mag would be pitting them against each other via previews and cover stories, etc. The competition would’ve hyped up both games quite a bit.

    Between this, Black 9, The Lost, Plague of Darkness and far too many more, we really were denied some great looking action-adventure titles of the era.

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