Resident Evil 2 Trial [PSX – Beta]

Resident Evil 2 Trial [PSX – Beta]

Resident evil 2 Trial was a demo of Resident Evil 2 included in Resident Evil Director’s Cut. After dropping Resident Evil 1.5, Capcom made a first version of Resident Evil 2, now called Beta 1, that was remarkably different from the released version and with more leftovers from RE 1.5. Unfortunately we don’t know much about this beta, but the trial should document a build between the beta 1 and the less interesting (and leaked) beta 2. In the screenshots and the video in this page we can see some beta items, the unfinished rooms of the RPD station and a few layout changes.


A removed ventilation shaft. It is likely that it was used by Sherry, because there was no hole in the RPD room corridor in the trial.


This screenshot is from the removed last cutscene from the demo. In the final game, we encounter Ada much later. It is likely that at this point of the development the story wasn’t finalized yet,  and the various encounters with the support and the playable characters were different.



A removed reference to a switch that was supposed to open the card lock of the evidence room.

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Thanks to Helegad, Pickyeater, KEK8 and Dark Biohazard of the THIA Forum for some of the pics! Thanks to OKei for the “unused voices” video!



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4 thoughts on “Resident Evil 2 Trial [PSX – Beta]

  1. Vicente

    a user from the horror is alive called jpickyeater, has released o hacked and more longer resident evil 2 trial, with these items, the pinky spray probably was a cure for venoms, a user from a forum (i don´t know the name the forum) said these unused items was came from resident evil 1.5.

  2. yota Post author

    yep, i used that longer trial to make the screenshots. I don’t know if all the beta items are leftovers from 1.5 or some of them were still used in re 2 beta 1.

  3. cameron rogers

    re 2 1.5 and beta 1 were leaked on a japanese website but capcom got to the ISP and shut the site down. i had beta 1 once from there. i wish i wwoulda downloaded 1.5

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