Brave: A Warrior’s Tale [Cancelled PSP Port]

Brave: A Warrior’s Tale [Cancelled PSP Port]

Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer is a hidden gem platformer on the PS2. It stars a young native American boy who seeks the legendary spirit dancer in order to stop an entity known as the Wendigo. Most of the game sees Brave fighting wolves, dabbling in the art of platforming and channelling his native American powers. (like summoning an eagle spirit!)

The game didn’t do well back then, considering the timeframe in which it was launched saw the emergence of heavy hitters like Resident Evil 4, God of War and Call of Duty. Consequently, the game was deemed a failure. The story didn’t end there. Two years after Brave’s launch on the PS2 and the closure of Vis Entertainment, SouthPeak Games snagged the IP from Bam Entertainment (owner of Vis Entertainment at the time) and attempted to revive it.

Their first attempt was going to be Brave: Shaman’s Challenge, a spin-off scheduled for a February 11, 2009 release. Alas, that never happened. In an IGN article dated July 10, 2008, we read that SouthPeak Games had plans to remaster the original PS2 game for three platforms; the Wii, Xbox 360 and the PSP. In the end, the PSP release never happened. But the most bizarre situation ever is that box covers of the PSP release were made, complete with an age rating and an art cover different from the original. What adds to the mystery is that an Amazon listing was spotted years after the PSP release was quietly cancelled. The question that needs asking is; was the game released, or was it not? Nobody knows.

Here’s a high-quality image of the supposedly PSP remaster that was quietly cancelled without any prior notice from SouthPeak Games. Nobody knows if the port was finished or if SouthPeak Games just fooled everyone.

Other retail listings of this obscure PSP release were also spotted in various websites like:

Credit: Gamefaqs

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