Yoshi’s Story [GBA – Tech Demo]

Yoshi’s Story [GBA – Tech Demo]

When the new Game Boy Advance was announced, Nintendo shown a Yoshi’s Story tech demo, to promote the power of the console. The demo looked almost as nice as the N64’s Version, but sadly it was never developed into an full game. After some years, a rom of the Yoshi’s Story GBA tech demo was leaked thanks to one guy from Youtube (josdog6): the ROM has no sound or music, it will start with a 3D “yoshi’s island” spinning on the screen, while the gameplay is basically an endless level, just to show the graphics (of course). You have eggs, but you can’t shoot them, if you hold start, an egg will appears in the left of the screen. Select button will remove your health bar. When yoshi dies, you’ll see the same animation from the N64 version, with yoshi deported into the castle.

[spoiler /portuguese version/ /hide the portuguese version/]

Quando o video-game chamado Game Boy Advance foi mostrado pela Nintendo, Nintendo estava planejando Yoshi’s Story para seu video-game…

Foi um “tech demo”, somente mostrava como seria os gráficos do game boy advance…
Quando o público viu, era o mesmo jogo de nintendo 64, mas no game boy advance…
Mas, nunca chegou a ser completo, ou chegou na versão final…
Informação da Wikipedia (EN)
Mas uma pessoa do Youtube achou este jogo, chamado josdog6….
Informações do jogo:
Não tem nenhuma musica ou som… O jogo começara com uma ilha em forma de yoshi, girando na tela, e vai “pixelizar” quando apertar start..
É um level sem fim, sempre ira repetir, já como o jogo foi somente para mostrar os gráficos…
Você tem os ovos, mas não podem ser atirados, mas se apertar start, um ovo aparecerá na tela…
Botão select perderá 2 vidas de sua barra de vida…

Basicamente é isso… Quando o yoshi desmaiar, vai aparecer o castelo da versão de nintendo 64… [/spoiler]

Thanks to gabrielwoj for the contribution!



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  1. SortingHat

    As for why Nintendo makes these decisions Japanese are long known for *group* think where everybody has to agree.

    Baseball teams from America have found out the hard way if you don’t do what the group says you will be publicly shamed. Even if what you do winds the game for the team it’s not enough. You have to do it the groups way meaning if you lose at least you are one with the group.

    Nintendo likely had some kind of group decision done about canceling it and nobody wanted to be *the dunce* that disagreed.

    Also businesses like Nintendo and Hyundai do get government funding yearly so if the government thinks Nintendo is no good they will stop giving money.

    Business in Japan is WAY different practices then our free or at least what used to be our free system.

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