Mortal Kombat 4 [ARC DC N64 PSX – Beta]

Mortal Kombat 4 [ARC DC N64 PSX – Beta]


Mortal Kombat 4 is considered the 4th intallment of the Mortal Kombat series, 6th if you count MK3U and MKT. Released in 1997, it was the first MK game to use 3D graphics. It was first released in the arcade version and it would be the last arcade MK made. It was released on the N64, Playstation and PC in 1998, ported by Eurocom. An updated version was released on Dreamcast in 1999 called Mortal Kombat Gold, which was identical with the exception of better graphics, added players and a few more stages.

A new character named Belokk was intended to appear in Mortal Kombat Gold, but was cut from the released game. The developer of the game, Eurocom, sent information about the game with Belokk to Game Informer, and as a result, six screenshots of him were published. According to Ed Boon, Belokk was cut due to time constraints during development. Despite the mention of Belokk’s scrap, he was still rumored to appear as a secret character. [Infos from Wikipedia]

Actual secret characters can be accessed via rotating a specific box for a normal character, however when a player do this to Tanya’s box a question mark that was rumored to unlock Belokk appears, but it unlock nothing.

Since it was the first Midway 3D fighting game, the staff had many difficulties while in development, partly due to the fact the staff had doubled in size. Which means many changes were made and many interesting aspects were taken out.

Differences from the arcade version to the N64 version would include: Lower pixel rate and additions such as Goro being a playable character, extra costumes, and another arena called Ice Pit.

Pre-release trailers show Reptile and Fujin with God-O-Mite as their name in the lifebars. More then likely this was before they got to the name detail.

Kitana, Noob Saibot and Kano were orignally going to be in MK4. Kitana was then changed to Tanya. Noob saibot was taken in and out many times and replaced with Reiko. Jarek replaced Kano and for some reason was left with Kano’s moves, which caused many fans to complain because Jarek was hardly original. Noob Saibot can be accessed in the N64 version by a cheat, but was never in the Arcade. These characters were taken out mainly because Midway wanted more new characters in the game.

The hidden character Meat was originaly intended for testing.

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5 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat 4 [ARC DC N64 PSX – Beta]

  1. NekoArc

    I don’t remember which MK4 player’s guide it was, but at the last page it showed a gameshark code that allowed one to play as a buggy Kitana for the N64 version that randomly crashes the game while playing. I think she shares Tanya’s moveset.
    Also of note is that Noob Saibot is playable in the PC version by using the N64 cheat

  2. Hydrozor

    BTW, his name is Kano, not Canno, atleast on the American shores. Maybe that was his beta name?

    Kitana does have simliarities to Tanya moveset-wise, but still is her own character. I know from personal experience playing her on the 64 version.

    Also, Mortal Kombat Gold had many glitches including being unable to beat the game with some characters since it would lock up. It was neat to see Cyrax’s human face, though it came back later as an unlockable costume in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon(don’t know about the other versions, but the Wii version atleast has it), which, well, wasn’t a glitch-fest. Not to say it was a great game, but still.

  3. Helix

    There was a hack for the PC version of MK4 that:

    (*) disabled Midway/Eurocom FMV intro

    (*) enabled stage fatalities in all arenas (uppercut to spiked ceiling),

    (*) unlocked the Skull Trophy arena

    (*) re-enabled Kitana (with Tanya’s moveset and fatalities),

    (*) unlocked Noob (with Reiko’s moveset/fatals)

    (*) made Meat easier

    (*) enabled Goro to use Johnny Cage’s fatalities.

    (*) made cheat menus easier to unlock

    And it was stable. Never crashed.

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