Allegiance (Team 17) [Cancelled – Playstation, Saturn, 3DO]

Allegiance (Team 17) [Cancelled – Playstation, Saturn, 3DO]

Allegiance is a cancelled FPS / action game that was in development by Team17 in 1995 / 1996, rumored to be planned for the Playstation, Saturn and 3DO.  According to Spong, it seems that the game was to feature a female lead character, Kay Brogan. Despite several level meshes being completed the game was canned due to the failure of the 3D engine to be developed in time.

In the aftermath of Tomb Raider some Team 17 staff tried to convert Allegiance into a Tomb Raider style game, but as the team had a reputation of original games, they decided not to follow this derivative route.

Thanks to Dream17 we can read a comment  about Allegiance that Martyn Brown (Team17 co-founder) posted on his blog on March 30th, 2007.

A spy thriller that got not much further than some crackers budget FMV when again the company was knee deep in Worms focus elsewhere. I shudder to think how it all happened, really. The idea was sound, it just suffered from a total disregard of planning, design and implementation.

Celine was able to find a screenshot of this game in Cd Consoles magazine issue #7, and another scan is from Play Magazine issue #2. Thanks to Unclejun for the help with the video! Thanks to Andrew for the other scans  Play Issue #1 (UK magazine)!



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5 thoughts on “Allegiance (Team 17) [Cancelled – Playstation, Saturn, 3DO]

  1. Paul

    It was such a long time ago now, but I was one of the students brought in to to help out filming some of the scenes for this game. The woman playing the main part was actually the wife/girlfriend of one of the 3D artists of Team 17. Plus a lot of the people in the game were actual programmers and the like. I still have a few of the scenes on VHS… it’s that long ago!.

  2. monokoma Post author

    Thanks a lot for the info Paul, it’s always interesting to know more stuff from who worked on cancelled games :) If you’ll find those VHS and could upload them online, they would be great to see!

    1. eSPy

      Apparently it was also announced and cancelled for the Jaguar:

      “Dear Team 17, You have recently informed me that Rollcage has been cancelled for all systems and Allegiance has been cancelled for the Jag. I’m not too familiar with Allegiance, in terms of what the game is about. But I wonder why you would cancel it for the Jag. Could you reconsider this option? could you possibly sell the game to Atari and have them finish it?
      To be honest, we never really started the Jag version, all development was done on PC before we eventually realised that what we had was something far short of a game.””

  3. Ross Sillifant

    Game promised 10 missions, including sabotage runs and assassinations, over 50 different enemy types, a multi-player option to play head-to-head or as a team over a network.

    PC version was to feature fully texture-mapped graphics in SVGA.

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