Pokèmon SNAP! [N64 – Beta]

Pokèmon SNAP! [N64 – Beta]


Various beta images of Pokèmon Snap show a bar in the bottom right corner where you can select Pokè Flute, Apple, and some bomb thing. Also unseen in the same images are shots of a desert area not used in the final game. There’s also some screens from the forest and swamp, showing some pretty big changes. Ekans, the snake Pokèmon was also in the beta version, but not in the final. Why Ekans was cut is unknown. If you can notice more differences in the beta screens below, please let us know!

Also, you could be interested in the “Jack and the Beanstalk” project , an unreleased Nintendo 64 game that evolved into Pokemon Snap!

[thanks to Michael Cheek for the confirmation for these beta screens!]

[Thanks to Henrique Resende for the contribute!]



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6 thoughts on “Pokèmon SNAP! [N64 – Beta]

  1. mother

    man.. in the 90s there was a japanese site that had the game’s bgm sample before release ( it was not nintendo’s from what i remember ), and after finally playing the game i noticed that about 5 of them were not used in the final game at all
    i kept them for a while until my hard disk died in 2002~3

    sorry for throwing this out here, but maybe someone else has them?

  2. NintendoPSX

    Seems the tracks aren’t present meaning the beta version wasn’t an on-rails “Shooter” but allowed free roam to take pictures. Probably cut due to technical limits.
    Equally it’s impossible to take so many pictures like in these screenshots that go over 60.

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