Ohcouchi Gengorou Ikka [N64 – Unreleased]

Ohcouchi Gengorou Ikka [N64 – Unreleased]


What is going on in this strange game? I’m not sure. There are not many informations about Ohcouchi Gengorou Ikka, but a prototype was sold in 2005 on a Japanese auction, for about 57,000 yen, which should be around 400 euros. Who bought this proto? Probably some lucky collector who can now be the only one in the world to know what happens in Ohcouchi Gengorou Ikka. We can not understand much from the few screenshots leaked, but with some imagination we can speculate that this was going to be a “family simulator”, in which the player would have had to monitor the mood and the needs of a Japanese family, to make them happy. Or maybe something else.


Japanese 2007 blog entry about this game


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3 thoughts on “Ohcouchi Gengorou Ikka [N64 – Unreleased]

    1. monokoma Post author

      It’s still possible that sooner or later this proto could be shared with the community, it all depends by who will get it in the next few years

    2. I'm Not Telling

      It’s not the collector’s obligation to share it if they don’t want to. Calling him a bastard shows how juvenile you are.

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