[Update] Even more screens, videos and info in the U64 archive!

[Update] Even more screens, videos and info in the U64 archive!


In the last 4 months we have added some screens, videos or info in these Unseen Archives: Armed (Aftermath) [PSX/Saturn – Cancelled], Cipher Complex [X360/PS3 – Cancelled?], Big Guns (Exodus) [PSX – Cancelled], Super Mario Galaxy [Wii – Beta], Project Dream / Banjo Kazooie [N64 – Proto / Beta], Pokémon Ruby, Super Mario Sunshine [GC – Beta], Nomen Quest / Aidyn Chronicles [N64 – Tech Demo / Beta], Super Mario World [SNES – Beta], Sonic The Hedgehog [MD/G – Beta / Concept], Panzer Dragoon Saga [Saturn – Beta], Mario’s Face [DS – Tech Demo], Dark Cloud [PS2 – Beta], Dragon Quest 9 (IX) [DS – Beta], Resident Evil 1 [PSX – Beta / Concept], Super Smash Bros Brawl [Wii – Beta], Beyond Oasis / Story of Thor [MD/G – Beta], Metal Gear Solid [PSX – Beta / Tech Demo], Luigi’s Mansion [GC – Beta], Dead Rising [XBOX 360 – Beta], ClayFighter Extreme (63 1/3) [N64 – Tech Demo], Earthworm Jim 3D [N64/PC – Beta], Wave Race [GC – Space World 2000 Tech Demo], Metal Gear Solid 2 [PS2 – Beta / Concept], Day of the Tentacle [PC – Beta], Earthworm Jim [PSP – Cancelled], Quake [PC – Beta / Proto], Silent Hill [PSX – Beta], Sabreman Stampede [XBOX / X 360 – Cancelled], Hardcore [Mega Drive / Genesis & Mega CD – Cancelled], Dead Rising [XBOX 360 – Beta], Spyral Saga [PSX – Cancelled], Splinter Cell [Beta], Final Fantasy 9 [Beta / Concept], Mumu Boukenki Amusing Dream [SNES – Cancelled], Sonic Adventure [Beta], Ecco The Dolphin [Saturn – Concept], Mother 3 / Earthbound 64 [N64 – Cancelled], D2 [M2 – Cancelled], Resident Evil 5 [X360/PS3 – Beta], Mission Impossible [SNES MD GEN – Cancelled], VX Vampire XDV-7 [N64 – Tech Demo], Dead Unity [PSX – Cancelled], Silent Chaos [PSX – Cancelled], Resident Evil Zero 0 [GC – Beta], Titan A.E. [PSX PC – Cancelled], ClayFighter [SNES – Beta], Fallout 3: Van Buren [PC – Cancelled], Silent Hill 2 [PS2 – Beta], K Project (REZ) [Dreamcast – Beta / Prototype], Left 4 Dead [X360 PC – Beta], DNAction: The New Breed [SNES GEN MD – Cancelled], Bounty Arms [PSX – Unreleased], Sonic The Hedgehog [MD/G – Beta / Concept], Tarantula [PSX Saturn PC – Cancelled], Shining Sword [PSX – Cancelled], Dreadnought (HMS Carnage) [PC PSX Saturn – Cancelled], Donkey Kong 64 [N64 – Beta], Donkey Kong Country 2 [SNES – Beta], Earthworm Jim 2 [MD GEN SNES – Beta], Mission Impossible [N64 – Beta / Tech Demo], Little Big Planet [PS3 – Prototype], Kirby’s Adventure [NES – Beta / Unused], STORM [PSX Saturn – Cancelled], Zoiks! (Pandemonium) [PC – Cancelled], SaGa Frontier [PSX – Beta / Concepts], X [N64 F-Zero – Beta], GTA: San Andreas [PS2 – Beta], The Contract [PSX – Cancelled], Resident Evil 5 Beta Analysis, California Raisins [NES – Cancelled], Allegiance [PSX/SAT/3DO – Cancelled], Yoshi’s Story [GBA – Tech Demo], Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories [GBA – Beta], Castlevania: Dawn Of Sorrow [DS – Beta], Resistance 2 [PS3 – Beta], StarFox Armada / Assault [GC – Proto / Beta], Sound Fantasy [SNES – Unreleased], Metroid Prime 2: Echoes [GameCube – Beta], Violent Seed [PSX – Cancelled], Mario Kart [Wii – Beta/Unused Stuff], Glover 2 [N64/PSX – Cancelled], Heavy Rain [PS3 – Beta], Little Big Planet [PS3 – Beta / Prototype], Cyber Thug [PSX – Cancelled], Escaper [PSX – Cancelled], Pokemon SNAP [N64 – Beta], The Conduit [Wii – Tech Demo / Beta], Goldeneye 007 [N64 – Beta], Call of Cthulhu Trilogy [XBOX – Cancelled] and many more!

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