Albert Odyssey Gaiden [SNES – Cancelled]

Albert Odyssey Gaiden [SNES – Cancelled]

Albert Odyssey Gaiden (known in USA as Legend of Eldean) is RPG developed by Sunsoft and released for the Saturn in 1996, but it was originally meant to be published for the Super Famicom / Super Nintendo. The SNES version was soon cancelled and the project was ported to the new SEGA console, with many differences. Obviously the graphic was boosted for the Saturn, but even the SNES version looked really good for a 16 bit system.

As in 1994 / 1995 many japanese gamers were going to buy one of the new 32 bit consoles to replace the Super Famicom / Mega Drive, probably Sunsoft thought that Albert Odyssey Gaiden would have sold better on the Saturn.

It’s currently unknown how much the SNES version was completed before its cancellation.

Here is a comparison between the SNES early build and the final game released on Saturn:

Above: Snes . Below: Saturn.

Snes beta Albert odissey 3Albert odissey Saturn Final
Iron Dragon Boss. It seems that in the SNES version you fought it in a different place (or the background was just a placeholder).

Snes beta Albert odissey 2 Albert odissey Saturn Final
Same spell (death rune). We can also see the placeholder sprites in SNES version.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution (Scans from Super Power magazine #20 and #22) and Gamengai for the the fliers shared online.


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8 thoughts on “Albert Odyssey Gaiden [SNES – Cancelled]

  1. MarxForever

    Well judging from the screen shots it must’ve been still fairly early in development. They only had two character sprites.

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