Prodigal [X360/PS3 – Cancelled]

Prodigal [X360/PS3 – Cancelled]

Prodigal is a cancelled adventure / action game that was in development at Pseudo Interactive in 2007 / 2008 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.  The player was going to became Noah Caglionosi, heir of a demon bloodline,  whose mission was to kill his brothers and sisters demons, both on foot and while riding on his car.

From the screenshots and concept arts preserved in the gallery below, it looks like we could have been able to  freely explore Prodigal’s world jumping on buildings and churches with Noah’s psych powers (as it happens in inFamous and Prototype), to  cling to flying demons to reach higher areas and to destroy parts of the city to use the rubbles to kill huge enemies. A friend spirit / demon was going to help Noah in his mission.

The project was promising, but unfortunaly in April 2008 Pseudo Interactive was closed and Prodigal vanished with them. Only an early prototype was completed before the cancellation.

Thanks a lot to Roberto Robert, David Wu, Kay Huang, Heidi Klinck, Albert Alejandro, Bronwen Grimes and all the former Pseudo Interactive artists that helped us to preserve info and media from their lost project!



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2 thoughts on “Prodigal [X360/PS3 – Cancelled]

  1. 7321551

    The purpose of the storyboards & character-sheets are clear, but that of the more fully-rendered comic art is less so.
    Is it known, whether the comic was for promotional material or whether it was part of the concept-art process?

    1. monokoma Post author

      they could have been used as more advanced storyboards to create the final cutscenes or, as you wrote, for promotional material (for example for the game manual).. but i’m not currently able to ask them directly (as i’m still waiting for another answers)

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