Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories [GBA – Beta]

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories [GBA – Beta]


Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is an action RPG developed by Square Enix and Japanese studio Jupiter and released in 2004 for the Game Boy Advance. The idea for an intermediary title was developed after director Tetsuya Nomura and his team had already begun to develop ideas for the second Kingdom Hearts game, which he had intended to be set a year after the original. Originally titled Kingdom Hearts: Lost Memories, Nomura changed the name to match the overall outline of the story, while still reflecting the theme of memories. [Info from Wikipedia]

Thanks to Umiyuri Papaeyra, we can notice various beta differences in the screenshots below:

First screenshot: Axel VS Sora

  • No boss fight takes place in the Unknown Rooms (the vestibule that appears before a world door).
  • Axel’s on the wrong side of the screen as well.
  • The pillars in the room are square while in the final game they are thick, round, and widely spaced.
  • There’s also a door visible in the wall that doesn’t exist in any of the Unknown Rooms in the final game.

Second screenshot: Sora in the Guarded Trove room in Wonderland

  • The door is less adorned than it is in the final game.

Third screenshot: Axel meeting with an Organisation member

  • The room with the χ-shaped table never appears in the final game.
  • Axel’s sprite looks kinda odd here, but I don’t know if it’s different, since the resolution of the scan is bad.

Fifth screenshot: Sora and Vexen

  • The marble ‘plant pot pillar’ here shows a leafy plant; in the final game they’re finely-crafted marble roses in large square pots.
  • The pillars from the first screen are finally visible as short ones; in the final game they reach to the ceiling.
  • The Unknown Rooms in the final game are a lot longer than shown here, and start with a set of steps coming up that don’t appear in this screen.
  • The door is much more visible here. Once again, the only door in the Unknown Room leads into the next world.

Sixth screenshot: Sora running around Olympus Coliseum

  • The world’s graphics are very different from the real game, showing a different ‘skirting board’ and ‘ledge’ pattern.
  • White Mushrooms only appear in a room when a special Map Card is used, and they’ll be the only enemies there.

Seventh screenshot: Cloud’s summon

  • Cloud’s cards in this screen are coloured grey; in the final game all the Summon Cards are classed as Magic Cards and are blue.
  • The Enemy Cards in the final game show the enemy’s faces.

Eighth screenshot: Fighting Darkside

  • Same as the previous screenshot, the Enemy Cards here don’t show Darkside’s face, when they should be.
  • The graphics on the Thunder and Fire cards are different to the final graphics.

Thanks a lot to Umiyuri Papaeyra for the contribution!


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2 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories [GBA – Beta]

  1. Alkaid

    Is it just me, or do the cards in these secreenshots seem a bit bigger than the cards in the final game? Also, some of the screenshots showing the cards have images in the bottom right corner of the type of card they are (for instance, Donald’s staff sillouette for magic cards or Mickey’s head for summons, seen on the Darkside battle, heartless free-for-all and Cloud summon shots), when in the final game these icons only appear at the bottom left corner of the screen when sorting through your deck and are replaced by numbers for all these cards regardless of what type of card they are (with the exception of villain cards who don’t have numbers).

    I don’t know for sure, but the sprite of Axel in the image with the other nobody also seems more different from the original besides scan resolution. It’s like his face is a lot more slim and his eyes are smaller than I remember, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen this particular sprite in the game to say for sure.

    Also, the screenshots of Cloud and Darkside imply Sora may have semi-decks in his main deck that separate his cards based on category. In the final game they’re all on a single reel available in whatever order you’ve placed them in, and the only cards separated into their individual groups are the villain cards (which are on an entirely different reel and not in a grouped deck as pictured).

    The screenshot with Sora fighting the heartless is supposed to be Twilight Town, isn’t it? (I don’t remember for sure). I don’t really remember any sleights, cards or abilities otherwise that allow you to distort the area to make it tilt like that. The only instance I remember the screen will tilt like that was in Wonderland, and only on the field where you battle Captain Hook.

    It’s very interesting to see the difference between these screens and the final product, though.

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