Mission Impossible [SNES MD GEN – Cancelled]

Mission Impossible [SNES MD GEN – Cancelled]

Before being released on the Nintendo 64, Mission Impossible was in development for the Super Nintendo and Mega Drive / Genesis, but soon the 16 bit versions were cancelled, to shift resources to the Ultra 64 one. The game was going to be similar to Flashback by  Delphine Software, as a side-scrolling action game with puzzles and gun fights. Currently we dont know which studio was working on Mission Impossible 16 Bit, but it should have been published by Ocean, as the N64 version.

If you have more info or screens about this lost game, please let us know!

Thanks to Robert Seddon and Celine for the scans! (Magazines: Joypad #44, Top Consoles #4, Console Plus #45)


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3 thoughts on “Mission Impossible [SNES MD GEN – Cancelled]

  1. Candyman

    It was developed by Merit Studios for Ocean. I used to have a load of the sprites on disk. Everything was Rotoscoped in Deluxe paint on PC.

  2. Candyman

    Just to add… The game would have been totally different from the film as the only info to go on was a picture of Tom Cruise. It had top down levels involving boats as well as side scrolling levels like Flashback. End of level bad guy on speed boat level was a submarine.

    1. IMF's Resident Otaku

      Not “totally different.” There’s more to go off of than the picture of Tom Cruise. The game would’ve had a level in the CIA Headquarters, as well as a level on a train being tailed by a helicopter, similar to the climax of the film, and I’m pretty sure I can see the bridge in Prague next to Ethan Hunt.

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