[Update] New beta video for Silicon Valley

[Update] New beta video for Silicon Valley

Longuist has linked us to an old music video by Mouse on Mars, that uses scenes from what it looks like a beta version of Silicon Valley, one of the most interesting Nintendo 64 games. The major differences in this video should be:

  • power gems & flowers look different
  • no hud
  • trees now have a texture?
  • unknow level the video starts with?
  • the “green” levels have now much more steel plates (remember: its a space station) (see level 7 for instance)
  • and… no juggling disco bear ^^

Maybe some of these look different just because of the video montage, but its definitely newer than the e3 1997 version. Can you find more differences in here?

Unfortunately nothing is known between the collaboration of the Band and DMA. (Rumor: MoM did the score of the game). Thanks a lot to Longuist for these informations!

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2 thoughts on “[Update] New beta video for Silicon Valley

  1. longuist

    thx for the update ^^
    but as i wrote i think this version is newer than the e3Version
    greetz, longuist

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