Earthworm Jim 3D [N64/PC – Beta]

Earthworm Jim 3D [N64/PC – Beta]


During its drawn-out three year development cycle, Earthworm Jim 3D changed publishers several times. This caused some problems as the game was based on the Earthworm Jim TV series which by the time of release, had been off the air for over 3 years. Also many locations displayed in early versions of the game are nowhere to be found in the released copy (such as a level set in a house, where Jim is ant-sized), and locations that were kept from early screenshots changed drastically before release.

In some cases, entire characters were changed – originally, Evil the Cat was to be the boss of Fear, but was changed to Professor Monkey-For-A-Head at the last moment, although his face can be seen on the records and record needles in the level “Boogie Nights of the Living Dead”. Additionally, Evil Jim, Earthworm Jim’s evil twin from the TV series, was reportedly a part of the game. Early screenshots also display Jim riding his Pocket Rocket. The characters of Earthworm Jim had to be redesigned for the shift to 3D. When the game was almost three quarters done, it suffered from framerate problems and poor animation. [Info from Wikipedia]

Also Makubeku noticed that the eye window its squared on the beta instead of how it was on the final! A beta demo was found by Nes World (as you can see in the video below), but we are not sure how many differences are in there.

Thanks to Lucas Araujo for the contribution!



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16 thoughts on “Earthworm Jim 3D [N64/PC – Beta]

  1. Cubivore10

    Ah, these must be very early, evil the Cat is in one if the concept drawings, and he was cut from the final, as far as a know. Used to own that game too, it was hard though!

  2. Makubeku

    i dont know why no one has spotted this, the eye window its sqared on the beta instead of how it was on the final

  3. Makubeku

    sorry, Square also the Video is Down, lately ive been seing stuff that is down so ill be triying to report it here

  4. monokoma

    Ill try to find the video again, thanks Makubeku! If u see other videos that dont work, let me know and i’ll try to reuploade them (if i find them on my PC)

  5. Herman07

    Pork boarding before was Salami boarding (because the level was snowboarding on the junk food mountain i think).

  6. ConkerGuru

    I liked this game alot. I have been an avid EWJ fan for over 10 years, and I’m chocked to see how much the game has changed througout it’s 3 year development cycle.(and of all the early content that has been cut out.)

    Btw, anyone know where the prototype build of this game would be(the one nesworld has a page about)? I’ve searched all around on google and cannot find it anywhere. Don’t know for sure if it has ever been released to the public, but i’d really like to check out the differences in it.

    1. monokoma

      I think the prototype is currently not-public, only a few collectors have it, but as other protos reviewed by NesWorld, maybe it will be released sooner or later :)

  7. Aaron

    I remember a screen shot from a gaming ad where Jim was standing outside the entrance to a level that had a board with the word “Evil” on it. It was pretty much like the 6th picture that says Crypt. If anyone comes across this pic could you please let me know? Kinda weird, but it really inspired me years ago…


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