Heavy Rain [PS3 – Beta]

Heavy Rain [PS3 – Beta]

Heavy Rain is an adventure game for the Ps3 developed by Quantic Dream, the same people behind Omikron and Fahrenheit. A Pc version was planned too,but scrapped early. The first official presentation of the game was at e3 2006 with a tech demo called “The Casting”, while the first gameplayer trailer was shown at GC 2008.

In a video about the making of Heavy Rain, embedded below, we can see some scenes that were removed from the final build:

  • Scott murdered his mother in the hospital.
  • Ethan “Blackouts” were supposed to happen inside a flooded house, which represented the killer’s mind.
  • Ethan took his son to school.
  • Madison had go to her newspaper headquarters.
  • The player could personalize Madison’s house repainting it and changing the apartment layout.
  • Madison suffered from insomnia because she was a war correspondent in Iraq in the past.



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4 thoughts on “Heavy Rain [PS3 – Beta]

  1. duder

    I saw a story on gamesradar with pictures of madison and ethan with full frontal nudity but they censored it in the final build probably to get an appropriate rating but its odd because in uk broadcasting full frontal nudity is wholly acceptable. don’t know if you want to add this info but it was just something interesting i thought i’d share

  2. Ross Sillifant

    Quantic originally planned to release a number of DLC episodes for Heavy Rain (The Heavy Rain Chronicles), but instead Sony had them focus on the PS Move patch/support for the game instead and thus the DLC was canned.


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