Quantic Dream

(b)Last (quantic dream) [PS2, Xbox – Cancelled]

Before to became a hugely popular studio among Playstation fans thanks to successful games such as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, Quantic Dream was a somewhat obscure French studio mostly known for their cult adventure games Omikron: The Nomad Soul and Fahrenheit.

In early ‘00s Quantic Dream was trying to expand their portfolio with many different projects for the 6th generation of consoles (Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox, GameCube), announcing a few titles that never seen the light of day: Omikron 2, Quark and (b)Last.

(b)Last is for sure one of their most obscure and mysterious project, with only a few details and low-quality images to remember its existence. As far as we know it was meant to be an action game / beat ‘em up in a sci-fi / fantasy setting mixing together Lovecraft tales and the Matrix movies, with weird tentacle monsters, laser weapons, super powers and many different characters to interact with.

While Omikron 2 was probably Quantic Dream’s major focus at the time, only a small team of artists and developers were working on (b)Last: unfortunately the project was soon canned for unknown reasons, but we can speculate the studio fell into some issues while developing so many different games at the same time, making it hard to create a quality, fun game.

As we can read in an old interview with David Cage:

UL: Does QD canceled projects live in this new project? bLast, Quark… other?
DC: We usually start several projects at the same time. Over the last years, one of them get so much interest from publishers that we had to cancel or at least postpone the others. Each Quantic Dream’s project requires up to 80 people and all our attention. It is difficult to start several original project with the same ambition in matter of quality…

At the moment only a couple of images are preserved from (b)Last, we hope to be able to save many more artworks in the future with the help of former developers who worked on it. If you know someone who worked on (b)Last, please let us know!

Thanks to Maik for the contribution!


Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) [PS2 XBOX PC – Beta]

Fahrenheit (aka Indigo Prophecy in the US), is an adventure game developed by Quantic Dream and released for the Playstation 2, Xbox and PC in September 2005. The game evolved a lot during its development and from the early screens we notice various beta differences. The character models, some scenes and locations were changed in the final version. If you have finished the game and notice more specific differences in the gallery below, please let us know!

Thanks to Megalol and Anonymous for the contribution! More info on the game can be found at Omikron Game Blog

More beta differences were noticed by John Doom:

image 4: Tyler isn’t wearing a cap
image 5: armchairs aren’t zebrine in the retail
image 6: Lukas meets Markus in the square’s center in the retail.
image 7: Lukas and the local are different
image 9: the victim is different
image11: Markus seems… darker? o.o He has a slightly different look.
image13: the local insists with a palette of red, green and yellow rather than in the retial
image19: Tyler wears a slightly different cap in the retail.
image23: the policeman wears a different uniform
image24: the tap is out of order but there’s no sign in the retail.
image26: the bathroom has a different paint and there is also a glass in the retail
image27: it is the concept of Jeffrey.
image28: Lukas
image29: Probably Kate or Carla, but she is different from both
image32: he’s probably an early model of the victim
image35: she should be Kate because i remember that she dressed that blue dress
image36: it seems that Bogart is missing (or he could be hidden behind a bin and he’s impossible to see from this angle)

Thanks to Jason for the english corrections!




Heavy Rain [PS3 – Beta]

Heavy Rain is an adventure game for the Ps3 developed by Quantic Dream, the same people behind Omikron and Fahrenheit. A Pc version was planned too,but scrapped early. The first official presentation of the game was at e3 2006 with a tech demo called “The Casting”, while the first gameplayer trailer was shown at GC 2008.

In a video about the making of Heavy Rain, embedded below, we can see some scenes that were removed from the final build:

  • Scott murdered his mother in the hospital.
  • Ethan “Blackouts” were supposed to happen inside a flooded house, which represented the killer’s mind.
  • Ethan took his son to school.
  • Madison had go to her newspaper headquarters.
  • The player could personalize Madison’s house repainting it and changing the apartment layout.
  • Madison suffered from insomnia because she was a war correspondent in Iraq in the past.