Silent Hill [Beta – Playstation]

Silent Hill [Beta – Playstation]

Silent Hill is a survival horror developed and published by Konami in 1999 for original the Playstation. The game was changed a bit from the beta to the final version, for example the “Grey Child” monster went through four design changes before it was finally approved by censors. Originally a faceless, humanoid monster which resembled a nude child, it was deemed too graphic for audiences (particularly in a game which forces the player to kill them). In the PAL release of the game, the Grey Children do not appear at all, instead being replaced by Claw Fingers. [Info from wikipedia]

Some more beta differences can be noticed in the Japanese Trial demo too. Also, a series of beta / unfinished rooms can be “accessed” using a cheat to pass through walls in the final game.

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3 thoughts on “Silent Hill [Beta – Playstation]

  1. Rydo

    Great content, but i remember my father played this game way early before it come out, 97 or so and remember clearly this baby type beigns attack you. We were using a hacked psx with hacked games and i remember my father having friends all over the videogame world. Now i could be remembering bad but if i will find back the old psx cd’s i’ll send a back up.

    1. James

      If you ever come across that disc Rydo let me know! I’ll be willing to pay you good money in order to obtain a copy.

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