Resident Evil 5 [X360/PS3 – Beta]

Resident Evil 5 [X360/PS3 – Beta]

Resident Evil 5 was officially announced on June 2005, but it was shown to the public for the first time only two months later in a CG trailer. Capcom created another trailer for the game in 2007. Even in the last year of the development Capcom was still moving things around. For example, the crash site of the helicopter was originally a fully playable section, not a series of QTE.

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7 thoughts on “Resident Evil 5 [X360/PS3 – Beta]

  1. Kevboard

    Resident Evil 5 is the bigges FAIL in the history of the original resident evil series!
    (not that outbreat shit!)

  2. james

    Haven’t played it yet. but I regret the change of gaming genre the RE has gone to. From a puzzle-survival-horror game to a Third Person Action Shooter game.
    I don’t say that games RE4- and RE5 are bad or not. Just WAY different. Oh boy would I loved the RE4Beta

  3. grainofsalt


    I agree with you about the game turning from horror to action based. If a series starts out a horror then it should stay a horror…

    But, third person shooter was a brilliant idea (except for the tank like movements). The original camera angles were awkward and you really couldn’t get a good aim on enemies, when the camera is in certain positions, trying to kill you.

    @a random person

    To me they didn’t ruined it with co op, it seems Capcom didn’t how to effectively add two player split screen into the original game.

  4. Unkown

    They killed Resident Evil with RE5 and that co-op “idea” (who isnt new, cuz co-op started with serious sam 1, not with L4D)

  5. Collector

    I have a few Resident Evil 5 protos (4 i think). Some are similar to the ones displayed above form my memory. I am willing to trade Tomb raider protos for them. Just give me an email at [email protected]

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