Zelda: Twilight Princess [Beta / Unused Stuff]

Zelda: Twilight Princess [Beta / Unused Stuff]


Twilight Princess is the second Zelda released for GameCube (and the first for Wii), it had a long development cycle of nearly four years and the final game turned out to be a lot different from what was first revealed in 2004. Some areas and dungeons were removed, while the surviving sections were heavily modified.

The game was developed by the same team that created the cel-shaded Wind Waker, and as a result some things were re-used, such as the games battle and movement systems. It’s possible to find some unused items in the game-code, like the original Wind Waker baton and the Spoils Bag from WW.

As we can read from an interview with Aonuma on GameInformer:

I should point out that this is something we actually considered during the development of Twilight Princess. We had an early iteration of the wolf transformation where you couldn’t transform when in front of other characters that could see you. We thought this would be an interesting way to address exactly the thing you’re bringing up here, but what we found in practice was that it was simply too troublesome. So for purely practical game reasons we decided to avoid that.

Gabrielwoj discovered that probably all the WindWaker items were to be used in the game, but only the models have been found. (see them below).

For more infos, check the Zelda: Twilight Princess Beta Analysis

Thanks to Jay for the english corrections! Thanks to KEK8, Jamie, Z3LER, gabrielwoj and Shadowdorothy for the contributions!

You can find more info about The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess in the Zelda Wiki!


Update Images: Wind Waker Items (click on them to open on a new tab)
(there actually some 4 copies of the same bottles)

It’s possible to see some of them on the videos on below, example? The Bomb Plants, it uses the same model…

The unused items:

The Hookshot (The only 3D Zelda that don’t have Hookshot [there is only a Clawshot, similar to Hookshot, but not the same)]

Elixer Soup from the Wind Waker

The Mirror Shield (the Only 3D Zelda that doesn’t have Mirror Shield)

Probably, Navi on a Bottle

Poe on a Bottle (Just like Zelda Ocarina of Time)


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35 thoughts on “Zelda: Twilight Princess [Beta / Unused Stuff]

  1. javiperz

    hey!! you have reason! these images are not in the game,i’ve looking for this game and i still don’t find anything!do you think this game will be launched after twilight princess final version?

  2. Bret Kinney

    I’m surprised that no one corrected these guys. Oh well…
    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was NOT the second Zelda game for the GameCube, only to be the fifth. The second Zelda GameCube game was the GameCube version of Ocarina of time (Nintendo 64 classic. Third was the Collector’s Edition, and the fourth was The Four Swords Adventure (the sequal to the 2002 Game Boy Advance Multi-Player game). I have all 5 Zelda games for the GameCube, though I play them on my Wii.

  3. karatejake

    i wish thay kept all the beta stuf. its much cooler and more butiful than the new stuf. + we dont even have a forest now.there is more forest in the tehpel of time than the whole game and the forest tempel.

  4. danish yaqoob

    hello i feeling wondering thinks that games and if would like zelda wii 2010 similar that beta 2004 zelda twilight princess biggest far hyrule world and if would like zelda twilight princess similar to 2004 2005 look beaulifut hyrule and thinks wondering that games zelda twilight princess best game

  5. danish yaqoob

    i think wondering lots i really want like that game beta 2004 2005 zelda twilight princess and can be zelda wii 2010 good idea
    how can i want get zelda twilight princess 2004 2005 i want that zelda twilight princess biggest farther hyrule world

  6. Stormwind

    Hm… the beta version is much better in graphics and much better in story. Though they left it out in the Gamecube version. The beta has much more in store from this point of veiw. Hopefully they can come out with it. The beta version is something more than just the NGC version, it has more to it. *sighs* all we can really do is wait.

  7. ~AttackOfLink

    I found at least one image not removed from the game. Setting that asside, these were intersting discoveries. If anyone knows how to get to the beta world through Action Replay (AR), please give me the codes. My email is [email protected]. Thanks.

  8. danish yaqoob

    I found at least one image not removed from the game. Setting that asside, these were intersting discoveries. If anyone knows how to get to the beta world through Action Replay (AR), please give me the codes. My email is [email protected]. thanks

  9. Anonymous

    The area in picture #2 looks like 1 of the areas in the new Zelda for wii Skyward sword and the enemy in that area also appeared on the new Zelda trailer for wii, who knows maybe they used that unused area for the new zelda?

  10. Anonymous

    i wish they kept the Beta castle town in, it looks so much more like a little town rather then a castle =D

  11. Redefined Darkness

    @ The anonymous user above the user above me: That’s Nintendo for you. Save resources by reusing them!

    I’m liking the WW Conducter’s baton. But why? Remnant of WW? Intentional? Eh. They’re probably messing with us now. We (almost) didn’t get any fun items…

    Remember, folks, don’t drink the green goo. =3

  12. Kratos

    Are there any Gecko codes to access these beta enemies in the Wii version of Twilight Princess? I wanna fight them .-.

  13. DarkLink

    I doubt they’d reuse this stuff even though it’s really awesome! Cause they already made another Zelda game, (Skyward Sword) and its all cartoony and this stuff wouldn’t fit into skyward sword…

  14. person

    Is it possible to reach the beta forest? I’ve heard a lot of talk about it but I’m not sure if it is actually true…

  15. KuronoToriga

    I have an old disc I got in a Nintendo Power magazine once that shows video of Twilight Princess being played, before it even had a rating (I think it said “RP”, rating pending.). If you need to see anything on it, just ask me!

  16. MPNagem89

    On some guy’s blog I read that the Irate Gamer said that Skyward Sword was a “disappointment” because it’s graphics are not gritty and realistic. All I can say is that I THINK THE ART STYLE IN THE GAME LOOKS BEAUTIFUL. When will this guy plus many others who think OMG THIS GAME WILL SUCK BECAUSE IT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE GOD OF WAR OR HALO :'( get through their thick skulls that GRAPHICS DON’T EQUAL GAMEPLAY. Oh and to Irate Gamer GO TO HELL YOU GRAPHIC WHORE!

  17. Lynx

    Twilight Princess wasn’t the second Zelda title for GameCube, it was the third. People seems to really forget The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures existed as the second Zelda game for GameCube…

  18. steph

    There’s some areas that look a lot cooler in Beta. The wide open fields with rows of trees, the forests. One things in teh fimal version that bothered me was the moutains range. It seems like there’s too small of an area you can go in, and the water area at the beginning of it looks like it leads somewhere, but you can’t check.

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