Project Enwor [Xbox 360 – Cancelled]

Project Enwor [Xbox 360 – Cancelled]

Project Enwor was a large-scale third person shooter that was in development at Digital Anvil for the Xbox 360. They were working on this prototype at the same time as Freelancer 2, but neither of them were finished. In November 2005, Microsoft redeployed the Digital Anvil’s employees to its Microsoft Game Studios headquarters: the original DA team was officially dissolved on January 31 2006 and Project Enwor vanished along the way.

In september 2018 MrTalida shared the full design doc for the game on Twitter, full of details about the project.



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4 thoughts on “Project Enwor [Xbox 360 – Cancelled]

      1. evgenidb

        It is indeed from Freelancer. You can see similar scene at the very end of the intro cutscene (in both the shortened release and extended intro). Unless Enwor and Freelancer happen in the same universe and the exodus to Sirius happened in the past or the picture was just a placeholder and it is meant to be viewed in a different context, I think it is a mistake.

        Also the Freelancer picture is project-enwor-cancelled10.jpg, not project-enwor-cancelled09.jpg

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