Waterworld [Saturn – Cancelled]

Waterworld [Saturn – Cancelled]

Waterworld is a cancelled action game based on the film of the same name, that was planned to be released for the Sega Saturn. As noted in an interview by Ross Sillifant:

Ross: Ocean’s Waterworld: vapourware?

Mike Fullton: No Idea.  I don’t recall that we had done anything with Ocean beyond talking.  I can’t recall any projects getting started.

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2 thoughts on “Waterworld [Saturn – Cancelled]

  1. Gustavo

    I think this one is the same that came out for the Virtual Boy!.
    The VB one is also by Ocean, so I have no doubt they canned this one to release it on the other console.

  2. Ross sillifant

    Mikes comment is regarding the planned ATARI JAGUAR version, NOT the SEGA SATURN VERSION.

    I finally found the P.R statement Atari released and it was OCEAN USA, not OCEAN UK who would of been tasked with any potential Jaguar version.

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