Waterworld [Saturn – Cancelled]

Waterworld [Saturn – Cancelled]

Waterworld is a cancelled action game based on the film of the same name, that was planned to be released for the Sega Saturn. As noted in an interview by Ross Sillifant:

Ross: Ocean’s Waterworld: vapourware?

Mike Fullton: No Idea.  I don’t recall that we had done anything with Ocean beyond talking.  I can’t recall any projects getting started.

Thanks to Mekanaizer for the video!



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11 thoughts on “Waterworld [Saturn – Cancelled]

  1. Ross sillifant

    Mikes comment is regarding the planned ATARI JAGUAR version, NOT the SEGA SATURN VERSION.

    I finally found the P.R statement Atari released and it was OCEAN USA, not OCEAN UK who would of been tasked with any potential Jaguar version.

  2. Ross Sillifant

    Just forwarded you 3 pages on the canned Playstation 1 version of the game.

    I am also making attempts to contact the coder.

  3. Ross Sillifant

    OK B-)

    So,you need to update your files on this one.

    As well as the ANNOUCED Atari Jaguar ver.which according to Atari’s P.R release Ocean USA had the rights to publish, but no details of whom they intended to sub-contract game development out to though..

    There was also a 3DO version..a short video clip appeared on an Interplay 3DO demo disc

    And a Sony Playstation version.

    Details of which appear on the documents i sent to you yesterday.

    Despite having spoken to sources from 3 seperate development teams,not 1 has said their company was ever approached to do a Jaguar version.

    So it currently still stands as vapourware.

  4. Ross Sillifant

    Coders of the PS1 and 3DO version are asking industry associates of theirs if they were asked to work on a possible Atari Jaguar version, as so far they appear to know whom the film rights went to for the home versions and in turn which teams the publishers sub contracted various versions out to be coded.

    If we hear anything, we will report back.

  5. Ross Sillifant

    Ste Pickford talking about the 3DO version:

    Interplay wanted us to copy a Lucasarts Star Wars game which was big at the time, which was all based around streamed FMV with sprites moving over the top (Rebel Assault?).

    This was a truly terrible idea. At least the Star Wars game had you flying down canyons, which both looked interesting, and justified the fact that your movement was completely on rails (otherwise you would hit the canyon walls). But it was still unplayable.

    Waterworld was set on the open sea. Making the background a pre-rendered movie of a flat ocean, with no ability to change direction, was destined to result in a dull looking, unplayable mess.

    But the customer is always right, so we made the game that they wanted, with a 100+ pages game design, a big team of artists rendering a CD full of movies, and brave coders trying to make a decent game out of it all for about a year of all of our lives, and it was a dull looking, unplayable mess.

    So they canned it.

    Interplay went bust, didn’t they?

  6. Ross Sillifant

    Just had confirmation back from our source who put the PS1 documents up for other coders etc to look through and ask if they were approached by Ocean USA for subcontractor work to do an Atari Jaguar version.

    Interplay would not of been responsible, sp any footage taken from the PS1,Saturn or 3DO versions is totally unrepresentative of how a potential Jaguar version would have looked.

    We are now looking at another possible team who were potential subcontractors and if anything is found,it will be shared.

  7. Roberth Martinez

    I’ve actually found lots of stuff in regards to the 3DO version of Waterworld and its NOT a 3D polygonal game,. Rather, it was more like a light gun shooter with sprites layered on a pre-rendered 3D background, from the screenshots that i’ve found so far (with actual sprite work done as well). I’ll send some screenshots via mail for the site :-)

  8. Ross Sillifant

    Software Creations originally wanted just 1 coder to handle the Playstation version of Waterworld and he’d just come straight off the back of coding 8 bit games.

    The Pickford Brothers were supposed to design the game, but they were busy gearing up for N64 development

    What a disaster.

  9. The Atoll

    Hello, I am the youtuber The Atoll. I do deep dive videos on everything Waterworld, and I am currently researching all the canceled games of the franchise.

    I just wanted to add this: It appears that the Jaguar version would have been the same as the PS1 and 3DO version. I have found this preview CD for the Jaguar that features the same preview as on the 3DO disk.


    Link to my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIW685aYGpeo9sizmVioDAQ

  10. Ross Sillifant

    @The Atoll :link is dead so I assume it was a video by the disgraced Kieren Hawken aka Retrolaird?

    He used 3DO, Saturn and PC CD footage on his lost Jaguar game videos.

    Don’t for a minute be fooled.

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