Metroid Zero Mission [GBA – Beta]

Metroid Zero Mission [GBA – Beta]


Metroid: Zero Mission​ is an action adventure developed by Nintendo R&D1 for the Game Boy Advance, published by Nintendo 2004. In these early screens and trailer we can notice that the graphic was completely different from the one used in the final game! Also the second and third video show that  hidden in the game’s code it’s possible to find an unused model of a Crocomire, a lost enemy, and in the gallery you can notice a debug room!

Thanks to interdpth for the contribution!



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7 thoughts on “Metroid Zero Mission [GBA – Beta]

  1. interdpth

    Also, in my dead hack I have a working Crocomire. If you’d like I could take a video of it for you. I may already have one up though.

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