Super Mario 64 x 4 [DS – Beta / Unused Stuff]

Super Mario 64 x 4 [DS – Beta / Unused Stuff]


The working title for this game was Super Mario 64×4. Also, several beta screenshots were released for the game. Originally, all four characters could fight Bowser at the same time, and fly. This feature was removed, as the four characters can only fight Bowser by their own (with Yoshi utilizing hats to be able to swing Bowser).

Also at E3 2004, there was a demo called Mario’s Face, where the user could use the stylus to mess around with Mario or Wario’s face, and have them be 3D or outlined like a cartoon. This could have possibly been the beta Mario Mini for Super Mario 64 DS. The caps the player uses were originally enclosed in boxes labeled M, L, and W. The boxes can still be found in the test level.

Also, early screenshots depicted Wario with his original long shirt sleves before adopting the shorter ones for the final product. The game was also originally was supposed to have a co-op mode but was canned probably due to memory constraints. [Info from Mariowiki]

An unused Red Koopa model was found in the game’s code with some cheats.

Thanks to Hiccup for the contribution!



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14 thoughts on “Super Mario 64 x 4 [DS – Beta / Unused Stuff]

  1. Super Sexy Sam

    Im disapointed. This looked like more of a whole new game, as opposed to just a port, and i really like the beta layout. Its amazing

  2. Ace

    I Think I Might have Found a Beta/Unused Star In One Of The Test Levels It Requires The Infinite Coins Code On ActionReplay. But It Acts Stranges , Say I have 30 Stars Right? It Would Change To 33 On My Star Amount Anyone Know About It?.

  3. SuperSunshineMario

    Wow, I can’t belive they replaced Wario’s sleeves! Does anyone have an AR code for long-sleeved Wario? I mean, the long sleeves are just a classic!

  4. Stephen

    The Star That Can Be Accessed With The Infinite Coins Code Can Be Found In The Test Map With , ! Boxes. If Ayone Would Like To See This Star In a Screen Shot Let Me Know & Please Leave Your Msn So It Can Be Donated To Unseen64 If You Want. Oh One More Thing Though. The Star Will Not Harm Your Save File It Will Only Add 3 Stars In It.

  5. Rhys

    I only just thought that people who say SM64DS is SM64 2 they are in a way correct! Because When it was SM64x4 it wasn’t a remake of SM64 it was a new game before Nintendo changed it to a remake. Although it did have all SM64 courses (Including bob-OMB batlfeild as seen at E3) and the new parts (New castle grounds, bowser in the basement part, those stange pipe house things around the castle grounds…)

    Also i have some beta images of Mario in a strange place i have no idea where it is… but i cant work out how to put images on the “edit” link isn’t there?!

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