Prowler [PSX – Cancelled]

Prowler [PSX – Cancelled]

Prowler (also know as Storm Troop and Prawler) is a cancelled sci-fi action game with mechs, that was in development at Origin Systems (the team behind the Wing Commander series) in 1994. Initially the project was meant to be released for the 3DO, as their Super Wing Commander remake, but with the failure of the console the game was soon moved to the Playstation. As we can read in an interesting article written by Sean Murphy (former Origin Systems designer) on the Wing Commander News website, the project had many problems right from the start:

Team communication was poor. Leadership was iffy. There was almost no dialog between the art staff and the programming staff. I remember one day, months into the project, sitting in a meeting and hearing the programmers drooling about how cool the game was going to be, how “dark…and gritty…and dirty, and oily and all mechanical and functional and stuff!” Clearly they had not gotten the memo about our grand notions of Neo Victorian design…

And some time later – as little as three months, possibly as long as six months – sure enough, EA pulled the plug on Prowler and let most of the team go.

You can read the full article from Sean Murphy in here. Some early concept videos from the game were preserved by the Origin Museum in 2008, and they will be shared with the community sooner or later. For now you can see some concept arts in the gallery below.

Celine was also able to find an in-game screenshot of Prowler, from TopConsoles #4 and CD Consoles #4 magazine (the same screen was in the 2 magazines). Anatoly Shashkin found even more promotional screenshots in July 2018!

Thanks to OMJoe for the contribution!


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5 thoughts on “Prowler [PSX – Cancelled]

  1. Celine

    So it was indeed called Prowler and not Prawler.
    There is one screenshot ( probably from E3 95 ) that float around on mags.

  2. Celine

    How so ? they are too much to remember them all :-P

    Nah the screen is in volume 13, soon to be sent to you.

  3. Ross Sillifant

    Found this:

    Subj:  Re:Prowler 3DO Development Stopped?
    Date:  95-07-01
    Those rumors are unfounded.  Prowler is still in development.  You may
    have heard that we’re making it on multiple platforms, which is the plan.
    As development continues, we may narrow down the final platform list to
    the systems best suited for PROWLER, but the 3DO version is still being

    Origin Marketing

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