I-Ninja 2 [Cancelled – PS2, XBOX, GameCube]

I-Ninja 2 [Cancelled – PS2, XBOX, GameCube]

The original I-Ninja is an underrated action game that was developed by Argonaut Games and released for the Xbox, Playstation 2 and GameCube at the end of 2003. The works on the  sequel were started after a few months, but sadly the studio had some economic problems and they had to closed down in October 2004. I-Ninja 2 was never officially announced: only some concept arts remain as a memento of the project.

From the looks of these arts, it seems that the sequel would have been set in the same setting as the original I-Ninja, with a scenario that mixed ancient Japan and futuristc robots, with even more crazier and hardest levels to play in.

Thanks a lot to Tanguy for the contribution!


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11 thoughts on “I-Ninja 2 [Cancelled – PS2, XBOX, GameCube]

  1. jaden

    Why cant they just try to do it again? its such a shame i-ninja was is my favorite video game i liked the final boss!

  2. noah

    i really loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooved i-ninja why dont they just try again. you know the whole prossess like make it like the first he killed sensei again and blah blah blah

  3. Steffen

    I cant believe it was cancelled. Odor revives himself… CLIFF HANGER! So tehy decided to let us hang on a cliff. Economy is confunsing.

  4. Azante I-Ninja Walker

    I ninja was my favor game on ps2 and argonaut games dez the founder of argonaut games will pay for wat he did this nigga cancled i ninja 2 R.I.P I-Ninja 2003-2004 i miss u man come back i really love u imma buy argonaut and bring it back

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