Broken Circle [GBA – Cancelled]

Broken Circle [GBA – Cancelled]

Broken Circle is an unreleased rpg created by 7 Raven Studios. The game, which story was based on Nordic mythology, had a troubled development: publishers weren’t interested because it was too risky to cover the release costs for an unknown title that needed a big and expensive 256mbits cartridge.

By the time that the programmers managed to shrink Broken Circle to 64mbits, the console was at the end of its life and the only publisher interested in the game was not officially authorized by Nintendo.

In 2009, 7Raven Studios decided to release a rom of the game on its website, but now the download link is broken. The rom can be easily found with a google search, though.

Props to 7 Raven Studios for sharing Broken Circle with the community! If you are a collector, you can buy an official cart of Broken Cirlce for GBA thanks to Piko Interactive.



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4 thoughts on “Broken Circle [GBA – Cancelled]

  1. Vague Rant

    “publishers weren’t interested to release it because the cartridge size, 256Mbits, was considered too big for the GBA.”

    I’m aware that the developers don’t have the best English, and so this might be easily misunderstood, but the problem wasn’t that the cartridge size was “too big” for the GBA, more that it was too big for the publishers’ budget. Bigger carts come at a higher price, and publishers weren’t interested in shelling out for the larger carts for an unproven title, and so the game was scaled back, mainly in the graphics department. Still, nobody wanted the game (and to be brutally honest, for good reason; it’s pretty far from commercial quality, with the script in particular needing some serious work before it could ever be viable). The released version is the scaled back low-color graphics one which was their final attempt at getting the game published.

  2. Francesco Marra

    The problem was not only for the cart size, at the end the cart size was 64megs. The problem wasn’t the english , there are company can easy translade and fix languages. The problem wasn’t the investiment , we was looking just for a royalties contract that time. The GBA was at his end and we hadn’t much contact compared to now to sell it.

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