[February Update] More content in the U64 Archive

[February Update] More content in the U64 Archive


In the last few months we have added some screens, videos or info in these Unseen Archives (more than 100 games!): Crank the Weasel [XBOX, PS2], Shadow of Atlantis [Sega CD], 1/4 RPG [DC, PS2], Raven Blade [GC], Retro Football [GC], Metroid Prime [GC], Robotech Crystal Dream [N64], Rock [PC], Sabreman Stampede [X360], Urchin [X360], Jet Force Gemini [N64], Dinosaur Planet [N64], Factor 5’s Flight Project [Wii], Factor 5’s Superman [X360, PS3], HMS Carnage (Dreadnought) [PC, PSX, Saturn], Mini Racers [N64], Seraphin [XBOX, PC], Snow [XBOX], The City of Metronome [X360, PS3], Wild Boys [NES], War on Wheels [NES], GTA Vice City Stories [PSP], Conker’s Twelve Tales [N64], Shadowrun [XBOX], Plok [SNES], The Flash [X360, PS3], Mortal Kombat [Arcade, MD], Tiberium [X360, PS3], Resident Evil 3 [PSX], La Femme Nikita [PS2, XBOX], Final Fantasy 6 [SNES], Ninja Gaiden [XBOX], Super Mario 64 [N64], Dyno Blaze [GEN/MD], Conker [XBOX], Fable 2 [X360], Spyro the Dragon [PSX], Sonic 2006 [X360,PS3], Animal Crossing [GC], Socks the Cat [SNES/GEN/MD], Yoshi’s Island [N64], Worm’s Pinball [DC], Shadow of the Colossus [PS2], New Super Mario Bros [DS], Starfox Adventure [GC], Donkey Kong Country 3 [SNES], Super Punch Out [SNES], Oddballs [XBOX], Little Big Planet [PS3], Halo 2 [XBOX], Halo [XBOX], Super SMASH Bros Brawl [Wii], Super Mario World [SNES], Mario & Luigi RPG 3 [DS], Paper Mario [N64], Virtual Hamster [Sega 32X], Jet Moto 4 (2124) [PSX], Resident Evil 4 [GC], Axel Rage [PS2, XBOX], Incredible Idiots in Space [PSX], Deadlight [XBOX, PS2], Metroid 4 (Fusion) [GBA], 6 Gun [XBOX, PS2], Assassin’s Creed [X360, PS3], Boogie [Wii], Bounty Arms [PSX], Carnivale [N64], Curse of Monkey Island [PC], Deus Ex 2 [PC, XBOX], Emergency Mayhem [XBOX], God of War [PS2], Crash Bandicoot WoC [PS2], Sonic Xtreme [Saturn], Team Fortress 2 [PC], Final Fantasy 7 [PSX], Grandia 2 [Dreamcast], Metroid Zero Mission [GBA], Turok: Dinosaur Hunter [N64], Turok 2 [N64], Coded Arms Assaults [PS3], Heavenly Sword [XBOX, PS3], Take the Bullet [Dreamcast], Racer X [XBOX], Donkey Kong 64 [N64], Gears of War [X360], Starshot: Space Circus [N64], Oddworld’s Fangus [XBOX], Tonic Trouble [N64], Gods [GBA], Cipher Complex [X360, PS3], Goldeneye 007 [N64], Sonic 2 [GEN/MD], Universal Soldier [SNES], Johnny Whatever [PS2, XBOX], Starcraft Ghost [XBOX, PS2, GC], Super Mario Sunshine [GC], Gameboy Music [GBC], Time Diver [NES], Driver 2 [PSX], Party Monster [NES], Endless Saga [PS3], Titanium Angels [PS2, PC], Faith and a 45. [PS3, X360], Chameleon Twist [N64], Duke Nukem Forever [PC], Fable (Project Ego) [XBOX], Dorque & Imp [SNES], Apocalypse [PSX], Armed [PSX, Saturn]Final Fantasy Fortress [PS3, X360], Ouendan [DS], Donkey Kong Plus [GBA], Duke Nukem Lame Duke [PC], MadWorld [Wii], Mirror’s Edge [X360, PS3], F-Zero X [N64], Zelda 64: Lost Items [N64], Mortal Kombat Special Forces [PSX, N64], REZ [Dreamcast], New Phantasy Star? [GEN/MD], Lobos Sekei [PSX], Fallout 3 [PC, X360, PS3], Quest 64 [N64], Keeper of the Gate [GEN/MD], World Reborn [GBA], EggHead Shred [N64], Phantasy Star 4 [GEN/MD], Black Ice / White Noise [Jaguar], Yoshi’s Island 2 [DS], Pocket Monsters 2 [GB], Dragon Sword 64 [N64], GTA San Andreas [PS2], Bioshock [PC, X360, PS3], Soulstar X [32X], Aliens RPG [PS3, X360], B.C. [XBOX], Career Criminal [X360, PS3], Dragonkind [XBOX, PS2] and Propaganda [PSX, PC]!

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