Tonic Trouble (ED) [Beta – N64 / PC]

Tonic Trouble (ED) [Beta – N64 / PC]

Tonic Trouble (also know as ED or HED during the early development) is a 3D platform game created by Ubisoft for the Nintendo 64 and PC. As you can see from the beta images in the gallery below, the developers tried to create a character design similar to Rayman for the main hero. Rather than rely on exploration as in Mario 64, Tonic Trouble proposed a rather linear gameplay, which was a direct translation into three dimensions of the traditional two-dimensional platform concept.

In the early beta images released on various magazines and websites, we can notice a graphic much more detailed than the final one on the Nintendo 64, as probably these screens were taken from various target renders and tech demos. We dont remember the game very well, but it’s also possible that some of the places seen in the beta screens were not in the final game.

The N64 version had many noticeable differences from the PC version, like a substantially different opening due to the lack of processing power needed to render cutscenes and different music in certain places. The game was going to be released before Rayman 2: The Great Escape but eventually was released months after. [Info from Wikipedia]



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4 thoughts on “Tonic Trouble (ED) [Beta – N64 / PC]

  1. KailoKyra

    Some content which is not in the final game (WIP models, levels, and some artworks) can be seen on this video from the french TV Channel “GameOne” here:
    There’s some references to a “crazy city” level in the game’s files. In the special version (beta) of the game, a spot on the map is also present but not populated with a level. Some screenshot of early work done on this level can be found on the internet.

    Also, a sequel was planned for Tonic Trouble, named “Tonic Adventure”. But it has been cancelled in the early stages of its conception.
    Some nice concept art can be found on the personal website of Yann Jouette, a french graphist who worked on Tonic Trouble as well as Rayman 3 and others:

    I’ve also seen someone on the internet with a N64 prototype cardtridge. I really wonder if it’s a different version from the regular PC version, or if it’s a version in between the regular and the beta “special” version. There’s a screenshot on the internet with both the life bar with hearts and the “thermometer”. (Also, a screenshot with both the red hearts and the silver aces with a “hole inside”. Small UI differences :) !)

  2. arnoldfranklin

    So, here are some pages with old screenshots of the game.

    There might be more but who knows.

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