Titanium Angels [PS2/PC – Cancelled]

Titanium Angels [PS2/PC – Cancelled]

Titanium Angels is a cancelled action adventure that was in development in 2000 by Mobius Entertainment (now known as Rockstar Leeds). As we can see in the screenshots and the video below (that show a 40% complete build), the player would have used a girl named “Carmen Blake”, a bounty hunter with an armored spider vehicle named Titan. Titanium Angels was cancelled after two years of development when Mobius was purchased by Take-Two Interactive. In april 2004 the studio was officially renamed Rockstar Leeds.

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6 thoughts on “Titanium Angels [PS2/PC – Cancelled]

  1. eSPy

    Fair bit of info on their archived website. Apparently there was a GBC version in the works. Also lots of pre-rendered concept screenshots quite different to the in-game version, a press release and a video (that doesn’t seem to be fully archived :( )

    No. of Players Multiplayer
    PC CD-ROM 1-8 Players Internet/LAN/Modem
    PlayStation 2 1 Player
    Game Boy™ Color 1 Player

    Ages: ELSPA 15+
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Release Date: 4th Quarter 2000
    Developer: Mobius Entertainment
    Barcode: 5 021290 02063 4 (PC Version)
    5 021290 02064 1 (Robot Version)
    5 021290 02062 7 (Game Boy™ Color Version)
    5 021290 02061 0 (PlayStation 2)

    Game Background:
    An epic conflict set in an alternate future Earth, Titanium Angels is the story of four races drawn together by fate in a fight for survival.

    Carmen Blake is a bounty hunter – one of a breed known only as The Kindred. Any job too sensitive, or dangerous, for conventional law operatives to handle gets offered as a bounty to these brave and often psychotic individuals. She accepts an extremely rich bounty, the termination warrant placed on Elegia Furie, military dictator of a small, but very rich and boisterous, island nation.

    Carmen fearlessly launches a frontal assault on Furie’s headquarters. Taken by surprise by the unbelievable firepower available to Furie, her drop-ship is destroyed and she barely manages to cheat death. Clinging desperately to the outside of the building, with certain death below her, Carmen must infiltrate the enemy stronghold. It’s too late to turn back now and with a whole army in front of her, her only chance for survival….. is to fight!

    Game Features:
    Unique 3rd person gameplay – the player alternates between controlling Carmen and Titan. This is dictated by the situation facing the characters at any given time.
    The game is set in a grim and bizarre universe where flesh meets technology. An Intuitive control mechanism enables the players to immediately control the characters. Also, as with all great games, there is an ideal learning curve
    Complete species biography adding depth to all the characters and revealing some truly nasty aliens to send shivers down the spine. The plot is totally immersive with characters to empathise with
    Real character development – both Carmen and Titan learn with experience. As the game develops, their abilities and skills improve and develop

    Revelations Engine – a totally new proprietary 3D Engine
    Curved Surfaces – uses cubic bezier patches to improve realism.
    Dynamic Level of Detail (DLOD) – gives a smooth interpolation between the highest model description and the lowest resulting in an increased polygon count even on the lowest spec PCs
    Volumetric fogging – uses voxel based ground fog where the fog dissipates and reforms as the player moves through it
    Projected Shadow volumes – multiple shadowing effects.
    Procedural Geometry Animation – delivering the special effects and morphing sequences.
    Articulated boned models with multi-bone influence per vertex
    Integrated physics system incorporating convex polyhedra collision and inverse kinematics


  2. eSPy

    A little bit on the archived Mobius Entertainment site

    Titanium Angels is a tense 3D action adventure where you control Carmen Blake, a tough futuristic bounty hunter, and her intelligent spider-like assault vehicle Titan. Together they are sucked into the grim alternate world of the Kai’Tin, an alien race intent on annihilating mankind and taking over the Earth. Set in an alternate future Earth, Titanium Angels charts the story of three alien races that become intertwined in a fight for survival, with you, the player, at the heart of the conflict. You play Carmen Blake, one of a breed known as The Kindred. Any job too sensitive, or too dangerous, for conventional law officers is offered as a bounty to these psychotic individuals who have no real understanding of the words “fear” and “danger”. Your mission starts as you access the secure ‘DredWeb’ communications service checking the Hit List for a new assignment. A new job entry catches your eye: a hit on a military dictator, Elegia Furie. This is just the kind of job you live for, very rich bounty, a very dangerous mission, no holds barred blood letting. You click ‘Accept Bounty’. You ready yourself, and prepare your vast arsenal of weaponry. You think this is going to be an easy job, a quick days work, but what starts out as a standard execution of a dangerous political figure turns into something much more sinister and dangerous than you could ever imagine.

    An original, strong storyline with identifiable main characters, Carmen and Titan. Titan can run, jump, glide, and unleash a wide variety of heavy artillery. Carmen can run, jump and somersault, climb various structures, and use more tactical weaponry such as sniper rifles, and trip mines. Several types of gameplay action, seamlessly blended. Puzzle-solving, platform action, all-out blast-fest, and tactical stealthy combat. Unique ‘Tag-Team’ play presents new gaming experiences. Ride into battle together or separate and explore, it’s up to you. Revolutionary new camera technique: first-person action with a third-person perspective, providing an intuitive control mechanism without making you sick and dizzy or frustrated. A fantastic journey through 16 huge, diverse and brilliantly designed levels, from the dank bowels of the planet, through bubbling lava-pits, to ice-castles in the sky as well as many, many more. A wonderful array of deadly weapons and special power-ups for all types of combat, including sniping, mine-laying, and everyone’s favourite, all-out blasting!. Terrifyingly designed enemy creatures to create a variety of great gameplay challenges, and to scare you witless!. Helpful spirit guides to lead the player to safety, present challenges, give clues and set the pace of gameplay. Highly immersive gameplay with atmospheric music to suit the mood and accentuate the tension. Fantastic multi-player action bringing all the single-player game’s unique controls and devices into the multi-player arena. Titanium Angels will also feature specially designed multi-player levels, with all the popular multi-player features. Titanium Angels will take adventure gamers to another surreal level of gameplay with is uniquely challenging gameplay and stunning visual effects.

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