Keeper of the Gates [G/MD – Cancelled]

Keeper of the Gates [G/MD – Cancelled]

Keeper of the Gates is a cancelled action game that was in development for the Genesis / Mega Drive by Razorsoft. This was meant to be a sequel to Stormlord, in which we would have played through 8 levels with hard puzzles and traps to resolve. Also, “six players would have been able to alternately compete in tournament play, to test their adventuring skills”. The project was never finished for unknown reasons.

Celine has found some screens of the Game in EGM 40 & 41, while Ross Sillifant found even more in Sega Force magazine, you can check them all in the gallery below!

Thanks to The Punisher we found out that Keeper Of The Gates was going to be a new game in the Stomlord series or a port of Stormlord 2: Deliverance. The screens from the Genesis / Mega Drive version look exactly like S2:D released for Amiga, as we can see at Hall of Light.


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4 thoughts on “Keeper of the Gates [G/MD – Cancelled]

    1. monokoma Post author

      wow, great find ThePunisher! Interesting.. i wonder if this was just going to be a port of Deliverance or a new game with the same settings..

  1. Bionicman1024

    I seem to remember Keepers of the Gates being mentioned in the upcoming releases section of Mean Machines Sega, however the details were scant to nothing.

    Indeed, much like Razorsoft’s earlier Stormlord and Technocop for Genesis, I would imagine it would have been a straight port of the Amiga Deliverance, but who knows…it could have had censored green blood like the Apple Mac version ;D

    As for why it wasn’t released, I can only speculate mind you, but I think in an issue of the British magazine Retro Gamer, an article mentioned Razorsoft not getting Sega’s permission to manufacture their own cartridges, and they (Razorsoft) were putting the Sega Golden Seal of approval on their game boxes! Maybe after getting in trouble with Sega the game was cancelled, who knows

  2. Ross Sillifant

    Just emailed over 4 pages of mag scans on this one, which also contain snippets on Vampire Killers,another lost Razorsoft title.

    Hope to see them added here soon.

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