Mortal Kombat [MD/G – Beta]

Mortal Kombat [MD/G – Beta]


MathUser has made us notice that he has posted lots of scans with beta and cancelled games in the Hidden Palace Forum and between those, there are these screens from an early version of Mortal Kombat for the Genesis, with a strange color palette and a exhibition mode that was removed in the final version. Thanks to MathUser and sorry for the delay!

Also in a video documentary that you can see below, Ed Boon talks about the early development of the game, with some interesting unseen info!



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4 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat [MD/G – Beta]

  1. James Maxwell

    Exhibition is just where 2-player mode was originally going to be. Was the same way in early versions of the SNES port as I remember seeing in a magazine from 1993.

  2. Andy Pemrich

    The screenshot of the beta title screen is from the SNES beta, as previewed in EGM in 1993. And the photos of the MD/Genesis game with the messed up colors are from the same article. It is possible that they wre photographed from a screen that was incorrectly calibrated, wither by accident or on purpose by EGM since the article was an exclusive, and that would have made it obvious if any other mags stole the images. The only really unique item from the MD/Gen beta is that Raiden still had the original arcade spelling of his name.

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