Assassin’s Creed [Beta – Xbox 360 / PS3]

Assassin’s Creed [Beta – Xbox 360 / PS3]

The first Assassin’s Creed was meant to be a new game in the Prince of Persia series, titled “Prince of Persia: Assassins“. The project was later changed for some reasons, but we can see a trailer of the beta / prototype “Prince of Persia: Assassin’s Creed” below.

Also, a target-render video from 2004:

Thanks a lot to trainer15side for the contribution!

Looking through the Assassin’s Creed beta videos and screens, i found out some differences. Here is what i have noticed:


1. They go into a first person view that does not put you into,”eagle vision” or what they call intuition in the video. The eagle vision has also had some changes in detecting targets. In the final people are kinda,”color coded”.

2. Weird interface icon appears at 3:25 and 4:14.

3. What she calls,” the key moment of assassination” is different, and quicker. In the final once you’ve assassinated someone you go into a scene and the one you assassinated speaks to Altair. I think the beta is cooler personally.

4. The very end it shows the Animus main screen, which is very much different from the final screen.

5. The entrance to the town,”Acre” is much different, and more vast.

There is also a video shown at e3 06 I believe that shows the crossbow cut from the game. Though, the video is in the final game, unchanged. Here are some screenshots of that:



A closer image of where he keeps his arrows for the crossbow, which is replaced for a throwing knife holder in the final.


His short blade is in the front of his clothing, rather than his back like in the final. The crossbow rests on his back instead.

In others beta-screens we can see better the different entrance to the city of Acre and the old HUD. In the beta Animus Interface, the woman in the backround is probably Lucy Stillman, but she appears to be different looking. In the beta picture she looks to be a brunette, in the final she is blonde. It’s hard to say because she is hard to see though.

This area is not in the final game:

Thanks to Eaglevision for the contribution!


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16 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed [Beta – Xbox 360 / PS3]

  1. Frank

    I remember seeing early prototype footage of assassins creed about a year and a half ago at my school where I studied 3D. Ubisoft came over and showed us footage of rainbow six prototypes and how the cover system was supposed to work and more importantly, assassins creed. The footage was from 2004, seemed to be co-op with multiple assassins running around the city, had pretty much all the major gameplay elements present like hopping through market stands and at the end of the video, the protagonist hopped onto a horse controlled by another player (also an assassin) and – get this – at the end it said: Prince of Persia 4.

    1. monokoma

      That are some really interesting infos Frank! Thanks a lot :) So.. in 2004 (3 years before the final release) the original Assassin Creed prototype was a sequel to Prince of Persia with multiplayer Coop (or maybe assassins controlled by the CPU). It makes sense somehow.. i wonder if someone was able to record that footage with a cellphone or something.. it would be a great piece of history to preserve. I’ll try to make some more research on the subjet, then i’ll update the A’sC description :)

  2. Frank

    If you find it, let me know, my friend skipped classes that day when Ubisoft came over to show it to us, so he never saw the footage. Personally I have not come across this footage anywhere on the internet, and it was a producer from the Montreal studios who showed it to us. As far as I know this was never leaked, it was only used internally to get an idea of what gameplay would be like and I very much doubt that there ever even existed a playable build of this.

    1. monokoma

      indeed, i think that it’s almost impossible to find that video again and preserve it in the archive, but i hope that we could have some luck! :)

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