Clayfighter 3 – Beta video [N64 or M2?]

Clayfighter 3 – Beta video [N64 or M2?]

Before being a N64 game, Clayfighter 63 1/3 was planned to be released for the Panasonic M2. In this video we can see and old version of the game, with a different HUD and maybe a couple of different stages (i’m not sure, i played the final game many years ago..). This could even be a movie from the cancelled M2 version, but it’s hard to tell. If you see some more differences, let us know! :)

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5 thoughts on “Clayfighter 3 – Beta video [N64 or M2?]

  1. Robert Seddon

    I remember seeing some promo ‘shots’ of this form in NMS which were much prettier (higher resolution, for one thing) than the final game; someone wrote to the magazine asking how that was, and the answer given was that the early shots were conceptual work. Pretty thorough concept work if there’s a video, though.

  2. monokoma Post author

    i though that too, it looks more like a “tech demo” than the real thing.. if you see the old screens from the M2 version and the first images from the N64 version, they look just the same: probably the game was still in concept stage, and they start the real development only later

  3. Batzarro

    As far as I can tell, it’s all more detailed and with 2-d backgrounds. Also, the presence of cancelled character Hobocop can be seen.

  4. Greg Woody


  5. Chris LoSardo

    I believe this is an N64 video. The man is definitely speaking French. I have successfully translated the first part, but I can’t get the last half. from about 0:02 to 0:10 he says roughly the following:
    “Initially planned for the 3do M2, the authors turned to the new console from Nintendo following successive postponements of the Matsushita M2 console.”
    I say roughly because the youtube subtitles aren’t the most accurate, so I had to slow the video down and listen for individual words. He then starts explaining the game: “This fighting game…” I haven’t successfully translated the rest yet, but I have picked up on a few key words and phrases. I will update this when I have translated the words in full.

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