Resident Evil 3 [PSX – Beta]

Resident Evil 3 [PSX – Beta]

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, released in Japan as Biohazard 3: Last Escape,  is a survival horror developed and published by Capcom for the original Playstation. RE 3 had a much quieter development than Resident Evil 2, but we can still find a few unseens in the game, like some beta items and a room that was never used in the final game.

Thanks to Helegad & Max for the contributions!

Resiyoyoyo From the Resident Evil 1 2 3 Modding Forum Also Found Out what the chain item could have been in place of here is a quote :

Oh, about the chain: this was used as a replacement for the fire hose (item ID 35) [which in earlier versions was still seperated from the metal cylinder (item ID 3E)] so Jill could obtain exactly that 35 hose part that was installed inside the red box above the stairs (which in the retail versions is empty from the beginning, because there’s only the full hose item 3F). You can look at the pictures (here) it’s BH_3_0096 – BH_3_101 as well as BH_3_0016 – BH_3_0018. IIRC, the chain had to be put there as a substitute because whenever you took the hose the stairs would go up and thus hinder you to get down and away with your hose trophy. That puzzle could be played for example on the E3 presentation of an early Resident Evil 3 build in 1999, if my memory serves me right. Thought I had this in my RE3_HEX_FAQ, but couldn’t find it there, must be one of the things I wanted to add a long time ago.

LeonSK a very kind person came at the Resident Evil modding Forum and provided us with

a link to the RE3 Promo Disc Here is a quote :

Here [PS1] Biohazard 3 Last Escape [J] [Promo From Russia with Love ;)

as it seems this Promo Disc has all the left over pics and maps …. Now we no longer need these water marked pics !

Source :

Tyrant of found many interesting beta leftovers in a promotional disk of Resident Evil 3:

Beta Maps




Beta Intro


openingbh3beta (5)

openingbh3beta (2)

Beta Epilogue




See the gallery for more images.



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3 thoughts on “Resident Evil 3 [PSX – Beta]

  1. Xelba

    It seems that the Save Room was a wrecked but accessible room which the player can only go through instead of being able to rest. Maybe the idea of having less save rooms was intended but may have found it a bit frustrating for some players needing to restock on items and ammunition they obtained. That, or Nemesis fired his rocket launcher to destroy it. xD

    The beta items shown here are quite an interesting find. Especially the three coins. I’m not sure what their uses were, but they may have been part of a puzzle like the one in Resident Evil 2 that had three stones of the same color used to open the wall to Chief Iron’s secret room. A puzzle that was planned, but not added in the final. Also, if you combine the nozzle and the broken fire hose together, it will say, “Non Message” after trying to use it with the fire hydrant.

    This was found near the end of the video:

  2. ZeraX

    Can still someone provide a Mediafire link of the Promo disk ?
    because megaupload is dead and the link died with it =/

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