Final Fantasy Fortress [Cancelled – Xbox 360 / PS3]

Final Fantasy Fortress [Cancelled – Xbox 360 / PS3]

Final Fantasy Fortress [Cancelled – Xbox 360 / PS3]

GRIN was a video game developer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded by Bo and Ulf Andersson in 1997, that developed many popular games, as Ballistics, Bionic Commando 2009 and a couple of Tom Clancy´s Ghost Recon titles. Sadly on the 12 August 2009 GRIN filed for bankruptcy and the studio had to close down. Before the closure of the company, the developer was working on a mysterious Final Fantasy spinoff title for Square-Enix, that was known with the code-name “Fortress”.

As we can read in GRIN’s official website:

It is with a heavy heart we announce today that GRIN has been forced to close its doors. This as too many publishers have been delaying their payments, causing an unbearable cashflow situation. […] Looking back at twelve years of games, titles such as Ballistics, Bandits, GRAW 1 & 2, Bionic Commando Rearmed, Wanted: Weapons of Fate, Terminator: Salvation, Bionic Commando and our unreleased masterpiece that we weren’t allowed to finish; it has been a great ride.

Some early assets and concept arts for this unreleased project were found thanks to Hey Hey and Kotaku, so at least some documents of its existence can still be preserved. There are not many info on the story of this Final Fantasy spinoff or its gameplay, but it seems that it could have been an action RPG related to Final Fantasy XII. It’s currently unknown if Square-Enix could try to fund the project with a different developer, but as they have written on Destructoid, it seems that S-E still have few millions of debts with GRIN for their work.

Thanks to Dominarul Cel Elf, Brad and Robert Seddon for the contributions!



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  1. amefeu

    There is a still used in the video that is used as the display image (the image displayed before you hit play) does anyone have access to it? I am trying to find any images that show how the city was planned to be colored

      1. amefeu

        I just wanted to know if the original existed. I can strip the image from the video it be just a blurry as you see it now. Is there any other images of the city’s planned coloring or are the ones posted all that you have

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