New Phantasy Star (V?) Genesis: unreleased? No, it was Sorcerer’s Kingdom]

New Phantasy Star (V?) Genesis: unreleased? No, it was Sorcerer’s Kingdom]


The scan that you can see in the gallery below is from on an old gaming magazine, in which it was assumed that the screenshot published in the page was from a new game in the Phantasy Star series of RPG. This “New Phantasy Star” for the Genesis / Mega Drive was never released.. because it was never a Phantasy Star game to begin with. Thanks to Oath we found out that this image is probably from another Genesis RPG, called “Sorcerer’s Kingdom”, developed by Treco Corporation and released in 1992. If you compare the original scan with the other 2 Sorcerer’s Kingdom screens, you can notice that the main character sprite is almost the same and the trees are identical.

Thanks to Oath and Klinger Bea Arthur for the contribution!


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13 thoughts on “New Phantasy Star (V?) Genesis: unreleased? No, it was Sorcerer’s Kingdom]

  1. monokoma

    I did not know Surging Aura before, but looking at some screens, it really looks like a Phantasy Star game.. do you know if in SA there are any places like the one in this image?

  2. -Oath

    Ummm, that game was released. Its called “The Sorcerers Kingdom”.
    Its a RPG for the Genesis. Made by Treco, not SEGA.

  3. monokoma

    Good eye Oath! You are probably right, the character looks a bit like the one in “Sorcerer’s Kingdom” and the trees in that shots are exactly the same! I’m going to update this page with the new info, thanks a lot :)

  4. zio

    The characters have not the same style(left screen) than the character in the second and third screen(but the trees are almost identical in first and the third screen)

    1. monokoma

      It’s also possible that the Sorcerer’s Kingdom screen is from an early version and the character shown was different from the one of the final version

  5. zio

    Ok the trees are identical but not the characters
    The blond character below looks like rudo in phantasy star 2.
    But it’s just my opinion.
    Maybe the trees was used in two differents games?

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