Feel (Ristar) [Beta – Genesis / MegaDrive]

Feel (Ristar) [Beta – Genesis / MegaDrive]


Ristar’s origins date back to the brainstorming sessions of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Genesis. A rabbit that could throw and grab objects was amongst the several ideas for Sonic. Sonic Team settled for a platforming game with an emphasis on speed for their blue hedgehog, but did not discard the rabbit idea from their minds.

The game was named Feel in older builds, and the character had a distinct appearance. The protagonist had shoes similar to Sonic’s, and, although still sporting an orb shape, had two horns that resembled rabbit ears. Oddly enough, an enemy in the final is a rabbit that attacks with its ears, and a valid cheat is “FEEL”. Four prototypes (in the beta phase) were leaked by the Hidden Palace site, but are close to completion.

A specific prototype is named Dexstar, proving that several title changes occurred after the Feel prototypes. The enigmatic “STAR” cheat, exclusive to the Japanese retail copy, makes the game ask about a player’s wish and displays a shooting star. It does not seemingly change the game and is likely an easter egg of sorts. When it is inputted in one prototype it proclaims that “Star Star Mode” has been enabled, but it changes nothing in the game. This means the “STAR” cheat’s effect was eliminated earlier in development (or replaced by another code) and is only referenced as an easter egg.

Some beta differences can be found at Ristar Cluster, take note that it also discusses the Game Gear version of the game when my analysis is focusing on the Genesis/Mega Drive one: http://ristar-cluster.info/php-pages/proto.htm

Localization alterations in both Genesis/Mega Drive games: http://ristar-cluster.info/php-pages/jpn-vs-usa.htm

Dexstar: http://www.x-cult.org/games/117/Ristar/634/Differences/

STAR cheat: http://www.x-cult.org/games/117/Ristar/631/Star_Mode/


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One thought on “Feel (Ristar) [Beta – Genesis / MegaDrive]

  1. Bart

    This Ristar from Sonic Team or from this supposed Rabbit prototype needs to stop. It is all poorly sourced rumor which fanboys came up with because it was on the Sonic Mega Collection it seems. There was never a credit to Sonic Team in the game, the original reviews in the official Sega Magazine, or the prototypes. The only link is supposedly some code is built off the engine but this does not in anyway solidly link it to this Rabbit prototype. If you actually read the Yuji Naka quote on that prototype you will see that he never mentions Feel or Ristar coming from it, rather it is considered a scrapped concept.

    If you cross reference all of the credits on Mobygames no team members are shared with the original Sonic Team, which were the creators of Sonic 1, 2, 3, and Knuckes. Some did go off to work on later Sonic Team games, but the majority did not. A few credits are shared with Sonic CD, but Sonic CD was also not a Sonic Team game but instead was led off by a different branch by Naoto Ohshima. Notice a lot of the staff on Sonic CD and Ristar also went off to work at Artoon under Naoto as well rather than working on later Sonic Team games.

    No credits to Yuji Nakam Naoto Ohshima, or Hirokazu Yasuhara anywhere on Ristar. http://www.mobygames.com/game/genesis/ristar/credits Click all the way down that list. While this theory sounds good on paper, none of this has a source and is based on rumor. Even the best Ristar info dump out there, Ristar Cluster, has no info on the subject concerning Sonic Team or the rabbit prototype. This misinfo has to stop. Since it’s on Gamestop and IGN now with their poorly researched Retro reviews, the wiki is forever broken as well.

    Also you should note nothing in the prototypes discussed on this article back up these origins either and are only speculation that Ristar was somehow a rabbit before.

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